Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Life Calls for a Day Trip {take 3}

(I'm posting this but will be adding pictures tomorrow... it's too late to fiddle with it tonight)  Have a good read (those who fancy reading short stories;)  Pictures up!-- me in all my greasy exhausted glory.  Not my best look but what can you do.  (these pics are just of the trip- nothing to do with the story, ha.)
So something amazing happened to end my California trip.  I was so blessed honestly.
(What's up with me telling freakishly long stories lately?  I promise this will be it.  For a while anyway.) So the last night (oh wait, my only night) sleeping in California was also a short one.  We got to bed at a decent hour I thought but not nearly early enough when you have to wake up at 4:45 am to catch a 6am flight.  Did you catch that?  I (smart-ily) gave my self ONE hour and fifteen minutes to make a flight.  Why do you think they call me Smarty Pants Mcgee.  Sure that's plenty of time if you were flying out of Phoenix at that hour on a Sunday (at least in my experience) but what I didn't factor in was that we were leaving from LAX!  L. A. X. People!
To my surprise LAX at five o'clock on a Sunday morning was like a mall on black friday.  Seriously SO many flipping people.  Oh yeah, and we didn't even leave the hotel till 5:15am.  We were a few minutes away so I wasn't worried on my way there- but I was when I got there and realized I was cutting it close.  TOO close.

There was one guy ahead of me at the curb side check in.  Then me.  I gave the guy my info and he says, "sorry ma'am you're going to have to go inside and get another flight- I can't check your bags in..."
WHAT!?!?!?  No Wait, WHAT?!
"You have to have them checked in 45 minutes prior to take off time- you missed it by FOUR MINUTES."
I said, "are you kidding me? Four minutes?!  You're not going to do it for me!?  Pleaaase!  PLEASE!  I beg of you just check me in!"  

No can do.
Reminded me of this little experience- only okay 500 times worse.
In my mind I FLIPPED.  For about two seconds.  Then I told myself- NO way.  This is NOT happening again I'm NOT accepting what this dude is telling me.  I am GOING to try to get on this plane if it's the last thing I do- and I'm going to keep trying till I know it's flown out of here and hope is lost.
Not that I didn't want to call my brother back and have him come and get me to spend a few more hours with him but I didn't (no offense, really).  It's just that Hyrum was awake now, my crap was loaded, my makeup quickly done- I was in "traveler mode" not...well-crap-should-we-head-to-Denny's-and-waste-five-hours mode.  I just wanted to start that long day of traveling so it could be over and done with.  I had a layover and two different flights again so I definitely had to make this.

There I was on the curb- another couple behind me had a similar fate (different destination though).  They were trying to make small talk with me but I really wasn't going to waste precious minutes so as quick as I could, I rushed off.  In between them talking to me, the loud airport noises, and my own brain searching for some logical ideas on what to do next, I was so frazzled.... for about one whole minute.  My body took me inside to where all the lines were.  Remember- mall on black friday.  Seriously!  The lines were insane!  That's when I regretted leaving that somewhat clear curbside checkin where all the workers probably were.  OH how was I supposed to get help getting on this plane when the quickest way to an airport worker was in a 30minute or more line! 
That's when the clouds parted ever so slightly and passing right in front of me was an AMERICAN AIRLINES worker!  (Should I punch her in the mouth?)  Just kidding. ;)  As if it were a reflex I stopped her and said, "I can't check into my flight!?  I have a 6am flight I NEED to make!"

Then she said the most beautiful thing imaginable: "that's if you are checking bags.  You can check in to your flight you just can't check bags anymore."
Here's the hilarious part- I had LOTS of crap.  How was I supposed to get to my gate carting all this stuff??  And can I even take it all on the plane?!?!  I quickly scanned everything....THIS- can go under my feet.  THIS- overhead compartment (I hope it fits).  THIS and THIS- check at gate
I had my HUUUGE backpack which had my entire camera bag and all my equipment in it- plus my purse- and stuff for Hyrum.  (I remembered a change of clothes for him this time!) That was going to go under my feet.  Then my actual suitcase would *hopefully fit in the overhead compartment.  Then I had Hyrum's umbrella stroller and a separate carseat (which I had to strap to my suitcase).  Both of those were going to be checked at the gate (I hoped).  Well, I actually halfway knew they would do it that way because I called in before this trip and found out what their stroller/car seat policy was.  

So I knew I could now check in- it was only a matter of first CHECKING IN and then making it through security and to my gate to make my flight which was going to leave in 30 minutes. (so they should be boarding)
AGAIN.. as if by some miracle right in front of me was a check in station- a VACANT check in station!  Check in- check!  Make it to elevator (also the slowest elevator I've ever used, officially) -check!  Like I said, the place was hoppin'.  The lines for security were outrageous.  I WAS super happy but that feeling came to a screeching hault when I saw those lines.

I was going to miss my flight for sure.
Then, an angel started walking towards me.  She saw me carting a baby, insanely huge backpack slumped over me, and a suitcase in the other hand with a carseat dangling from it.  I was a sight.  She must've known or could see by my tired worn out face that I was stressin.  She left her station to assess me and my get-up.  I straight up told her I was supposed to make a 6am flight.  Where's the shortest line?!, I asked.  "You're traveling alone!?" she said.  Then she took my suitcase and rolled me to the nearest worker to put me -IN FRONT- of everyone else.  I seriously felt like a celebrity (minus the bags under the eyes and cheap clothes).  I really didn't deserve to be cut in front of all those people- I mean, I was late, I should've paid the price.  But I really think Heavenly Father put me in the path of those two ladies in particular who were so prompt and helpful. 
I was honestly shaking when I gave them my drivers license and boarding pass to check.  She noticed- and told me to chill.  I just still wasn't sure I'd make it to my gate in time!  But the lady who let me cut was also helping me fold up the stroller to put through along with the rest of my stuff.  I got through the metal detector and looked around to smile, wave, anything to thank that lady.  POOF gone.  I wouldn't be surprised if she was an angel and that's why she poofed.  Honestly.  I felt bad though I couldn't thank her.
From there I RAN... FLEW to my gate (I mean as much as a person can with a stroller/baby in one hand, pulling a suitcase and car seat in the other.
When I got there half the people on my flight were already on the plane.  The rest of the travels went as good as one can hope from AA (heh heh) and I made it home in one piece.
I thought I'd be forever scarred after that first trip but turns out there are decent airport workers in this world (;  No, really, I'm so grateful to have made that flight.  I probably would've had a breakdown and quit blogging because of it, if I hadn't. (because those things are so related and everything)
Aren't you so happy, now too. ;)
Next time I take a backside picture remind me to take the crap out of my pockets. Also..other day trips here & here

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Kell said... Reply To This Comment

I probably would have been freaking out.. and given up at the security lines. I'm so happy those nice people were there to rescue you!

Fash Boulevard said... Reply To This Comment

love this. thank good for nice people. Thanks love. I hope you had an amazing long weekend. xoxo


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kenzie said... Reply To This Comment

Wow! That's amazing! I am so glad that worked out for you!
Seriously, though? Airports are insane. I love, but hate them. You know? They are just so stressful with all the people!

I can't wait to see the pictures from California! :)


Courtney B said... Reply To This Comment

oh.my.lanta. You have the craziest California stories EVER! I can't believe all of this happened to you in one short weekend! CRAZY!
Love the pictures! Your family looks so fun! :) And that beach is so pretty! Where is it?!

Karm said... Reply To This Comment

haha just reading this post made me hold on to my seat, because of the anticipation of whether or not you were going to make the flight. haha Im so glad that trip back was much better than the first flight. Lovely photos btw.

ashley @ divorced at 20 said... Reply To This Comment

:) you are adorable!

thinkpriddy said... Reply To This Comment

eek! so happy you made your flight and didn't stop blogging. LOL those ladies were very kind. you are blessed :)

thinkpriddy said... Reply To This Comment

ps. i really enjoy the long stories!

Shalyn said... Reply To This Comment

I cannnot believe your crazy airport stories- so glad your prayers were heard!

Britney Jean said... Reply To This Comment

wow, girlie. i hate airports. 'nuff said.

Mars said... Reply To This Comment

what a trip you had! So happy you bumped into those angles and didn't punch them in the face. Otherwise, you may not have made your flight :) You are super woman for carrying all of that plus a baby through LAX.

Ruthiegyll said... Reply To This Comment

great pics! and i love the text on the photos.

Tiffany Haynes said... Reply To This Comment

What a blessing those women were! So glad you made it home in one piece.

dinotoria said... Reply To This Comment

You tell the best stories! I couldn't wait to get to the end and see if you made it on the plane or not.

And the editing on that first picture is amazing. How did you do that?

genevieve said... Reply To This Comment

Your blog is impossibly cute! Loving all of your beautiful pictures; I;m smitten with that one of the turtles!