Tuesday, May 24, 2011

stuff happens

(This is where I write a lot...an unusual amount of a lot... and you read or don't;)
In the previous post I mentioned a brother of mine... Mike.  That dude is something special, I just have to say.  When he got engaged he didn't think twice he went right ahead and booked little ol ME a plane ticket to come take his engagement pictures.  All he ever said was "you are SO worth it!"
Um HI... I'm a lucky girl with amazing siblings.  He even got me a hotel room for two nights- and a nice one at that.  As excited for the trip as I was (hello, who wouldn't be excited to go to Cali!?  I grew up there!  I need my yearly So Cal fill.) I wasn't, however, stoked for the plane ride.  Hyrum is a much easier baby then Brody was.  Then again..I was new to motherhood and had no idea what to expect.  So maybe that is not true.  But what IS true is that Brody was A LOT heavier and that was tiring.  He also didn't really like to be held.. so that made church, plane rides, public places (so everywhere).. kinda hard.  Anywho.
So no, I wasn't excited about the plane ride with a baby (from all my past experience)- by myself- and the layover- and the 9 hour traveling time ahead of me (that's just one way btw..& including the time spent in the airport).  Sounded long.  And tiring.  Especially since I'd be getting in suuuper late (2am my time) to Cali with a baby.  By myself (eww).  Did I mention that? haha.  But YO (randy jackson style).  I have NOTHING to complain about since my brother was so nice to fly me out- and really this was the earliest I could leave!  I was just glad to go.  I even told Tony "I'm not excited about the actual traveling part but WHO KNOWS maybe I'll be pleasantly surprised and it won't be so bad!"

But then...

"stuff happened".  Long story short (or longer, however you want to look at it)  There was a 2 hour delay in Louisville.  So okay.. everything would be pushed back right?  No biggie.
Wrong again.

I got to Dallas for my layover and literally RAN to my next gate.  Baby, back pack, stroller, etc.. in tow. Oh, and don't worry that is only the largest airport known to man.  I had to take a 15 minute shuttle ride to my terminal.  I had a bad feeling in my stomach that whole shuttle ride.  When I came upon the place my plane was supposed to be it was a ghost town (minus the hundreds of people that seemed to be camping out everywhere).  When I approached the nearest American Airlines lady she laid the news on me like a slap in the face with a cold dead fish.  "Sorry they left 10 minutes ago"  
me-"well, didn't you know I was delayed on the runway for 30 minutes because all the gates were full?!  I was here, just stuck out there!!"
devil woman-"Well we'd rather get hundreds of people to their destination on time instead of wait for a few people." (cold uncaring expression)
That's when I looked down at my poor tired baby and lost it.  I don't deal with stress very well when I'm tired- especially when I look at my child- so perfect and sweet- and want nothing more for him but what he deserves... and at that moment it was a quiet hotel room, a comfortable mattress, and sleep.

She proceeded to tell me the earliest she could "guarantee" me a flight would be at 1:30 PM the next. day.!  It was just about midnight there.  I ONLY HAD ONE DAY in California (Saturday) then I left again at 6am in the morning on Sunday.  So that would've given me half a day, if that, to be with my family.  That was unacceptable!  Then she said if I "wanted to upgrade to a first class seat I'd be able to leave at 9:30am".  But then she said she wouldn't let me??!  When I said, "NO I'll BUY IT!  Whatever!"  She said, "that'll be $1,195.00"  WTH!!!  That's when I realized she was just wasting my energy.  She also said I wasn't applicable for a hotel stay and taxi to it on their dime.  If I wanted that, I'd have to pay.  I'm "not a seasoned traveler" so I wouldn't know that the delay in Louisville would bring me to this.  (how dare she judge me- what does she know!)  Anyway that's when I gathered my things and left.

I collected myself and went to another American Airlines person across the room.  He seemed like he had a nice bone in his body compared to the devil I just did business with.  She had no sympathy for me nor my baby.  I very calmly told the guy of my situation and he straightway booked me a guaranteed seat on an 8:30am flight.  (huh... who knew THAT was available!  Hallelujah!)  Then put me on STANDBY for a 6am!!  Oh praise be!

Although.. that DID mean we were stuck there for the next 6 hours at LEAST to attempt to do this:
And sleep we did!  (attempt anyway).  Seriously, the cots were going like hot cakes.  All the people I mentioned earlier were stranded too.  It was a baaaad night in the Dallas airport, people.  I found a relatively quiet corner of the airport and set up camp.  A mouse scurried around near us (oh joy), the lights beamed down on us, and the air conditioning swirled around the dead airport.  No, I didn't bring a change of clothes for Hy, nor a jacket for myself.  I figured:  I could handle the plane rides and Hyrum would be okay in shorts.  Boy did I not plan for the worst.  Luckily, there was a very nice group, about my age, who felt sorry for the chick with a baby because they brought me airplane blankets they scrounged up.  I was freeeeezing though.  Wearing thin jeggings, flats, and a short sleeve top.  Nice.

The hours passed slowly but quickly at the same time.  I had a few epiphanies that night... and this trip taught me a lot.  Here they are:
-bring a jacket and snacks no matter what
-bring my phone charger (not pack it in my checked bag)
-you catch more flies with honey than vinegar... when I was calm, I got hooked up... relatively speaking
-I really have it all.
No, I don't lit.er.ally have it all but I was thinking as I was struggling that night... man it would be so nice to sleep on my tempurpedic mattress...and then I realized there are so many people in the world that have it like this- and worse every night.  If they can do that, I can do this.  And how selfish of me to think I had it bad at all.

Sure I will never fly American Airlines again (SOUTHWEST what, what!.. I mean who doesn't give out peanuts, AA??  Cheapskates.) and that truly was the hardest night of my life that I can recall (even worse than when I was 6 months pregnant, sick, and camping on the hard floor.. on my birthday) but so what!  We at least had a building to be in- and a cot- and the possibility of leaving sooner than later!!
There were 36 people on standby for the 6am and I was number 6 in line.  I swear that nice guy put me higher up in that line.  I MADE the flight!!  Tired and looking like death, me and my baby happily slept (for a good half hour anyway) on our way to the beautiful beach...  *sigh It was the best of times and the worst of times.  (the travels... the time WITH my family was nothing but perfect:)

I changed my original title to this post from "crap happens" to "stuff happens"... because right now that's all it seems to be.  Just stuff.  Just life.  Really, after hearing about all the recent storms, lost children, parents, friends... my "bad night" doesn't seem so bad.  Just a flesh wound compared to something actually life altering.  My heart aches for people who have had to suffer lately from all the natural disasters.  When I look at it that way, nothing went wrong that night.

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Britney Jean said... Reply To This Comment

oh wow. i don't know what I would have done. you did good!! and hy is SOOOOO cute. oh my gosh!

Mars said... Reply To This Comment

sheesh what a night! Some people &coughdevilladycough* are so rude and should not work where they have to interact with people lol. Glad you made it. You are such a good mom for dealing with all THAT so well, baby in tow and everything. I'm like you, when someone is rude and doesn't help me I just go to the next person. Always works ;)

I'm not Emily Brown said... Reply To This Comment

What a witch!! i got to the last photos of Hyrum sleeping and felt the urge to blub, would it really have killed her to show some compassion. Well done you for getting through it and hope good times with the family made up for it.

Lauren said... Reply To This Comment

I applaud your optimism. Hyrum is so adorable. What better person/baby to be stranded with. ;)

Leenie said... Reply To This Comment

Ugh, don't even get me started with AA! I am so happy that you were able to get an earlier flight. But you are so wonderful. And I love your attitude about the whole situation. It really is an eye opener to see what we have compared to those who have none. *hugs* glad you made it safely!

Courtney B said... Reply To This Comment

Oh.my.lanta. What a mess! I don't handle stress at all when I'm tired!! I would've sat down and cried. Just cried. I think you handled it so well!! And baby Hyrum is cute as ever through that whole mess!
I'm with you though, my heart and prayers go out to EVERYONE who has been affected by these natural disasters :(
Oh.. and you have the sweetest brother EVER!

Hil said... Reply To This Comment

Um... no thank you... You are amazing for going through that! I can't even imagine!!! I would have been a complete basket case through the whole entire thing. So glad you were able to get an earlier flight. Thank heaven's for nice people in the world.

Alexa Mae said... Reply To This Comment

Oh my gosh, that's horrid!! I would die. How rude of them to not wait for a teensy bit and get EVERYONE on the flight than have people and cute babies sleeping on the floor. Lame! Cute pictures though. Hyrum sure is a little stud man. I'm glad you made it there. How was the way back? Love ya.

Stephanie {Luxe Boulevard} said... Reply To This Comment

I hear you, babe. I remember going to Cali with my two kids and six months prego with the third. We had booked our flight before Frontier started charging for checked bags, so ours were supposed to be free. Get to the counter, they are charging us $55. Uh, NO! The employee was new and didn't know, so I showed her the print-out that said we were exempt. She didn't know how to fix it in the computer. She asked her co-worker THREE times for help and everytime the woman rolled her eyes at her like she was stupid and mumbled something about "hold on". She was NEW for pete's sake. It took 45 minutes for us JUST TO CHECK IN because no one would answer a simple question!
Coming back was even worse. San Diego had ONE LINE for all their Frontier check-in's. The line wound through the divider and all the way down the hall. Then we get told we have to go to a different line to pay the additional fee for our overweight bag (everyone decided to give my kids new toys and clothes). FYI people: Just ship them to my house instead of waiting for me to come out. Thanks!
I won't fly Frontier again. Their service was lousy, unorganized, and the employees were awful. I felt bad for that new girl. She just stood there clicking away at her computer, trying to figure it out.
I will only go with Southwest now. I would fly United if Southwest didn't have free bags!

Devin & Ruthann said... Reply To This Comment

You're awesome! I love this post:)

Baby H is adorable!

Jamie said... Reply To This Comment

1ST of all, I actually teared up looking at baby Hy sleeping on that cot. Gosh he's precious! But I applaud you for hanging in there. I swear i've had anxiety attacks this past week over all these natural disasters and cried for these people! You're right, it's just stuff! We're all so blessed right now! Glad you made it safely!

Emily said... Reply To This Comment

aw :( I was so sad reading this. I hope you enjoyed the time you did get with your family!


Leticia said... Reply To This Comment

You know, you are nothing short of amazing! Way to look at the postivie side! I am however very sorry that you had to meet up with that beastly woman. They are there to HELP people and they should have more sympathy.

Mommy Kerin said... Reply To This Comment

Oh boy! What a horrible time!!! So glad the nice guy rescued you guys from the evil witch lady!!

Karm said... Reply To This Comment

wow. that must have been a horrible experience, but I agree, it not as bad as compared to what all the other families are going throught with the natural disasters ): But I am very glad you and Hyrum made it to Cali and enjoyed your time with your family (:

thinkpriddy said... Reply To This Comment

glad things started to look up! <3

Shalyn said... Reply To This Comment

I really dont understand how people can be so cold. That lady had the opportunity to really make things right for you and didnt...so sad. I love your attitude though Connie. That last paragraph is something I really need to remember!

Laura said... Reply To This Comment

Gee whiz...that's awful. When I was watching the video of Hyrum, though, all I could think was how blessed you were to be with such a sweet little guy that didn't seem to care about any of the mess except that he was with his momma. It's all about perspective, right?

Natalie said... Reply To This Comment

I just read this whole thing and LOVED it. That video made me so happy HE IS GETTING SO DANG BIG HOLY CRAP!! You have such a beautiful outlook on life, Miss Connie!

My horror airport story: I got dropped off at the Philadelphia airport by my family on their way to New Jersey. My flight ended up getting cancelled due to bad weather. My family was like 8 hours away. The airport soooo kindly put me in a hotel for the night and a 6am flight the next morning. By hotel I mean a SLUM in the middle of the literal ghetto. Hood style. I got there around 2am, and they said they needed to escort me to my room, not to open the door to anyone, and to call in the morning (a solid 1.5 hours later) to have someone come to my door and escort be to the front of the motel. For my safety. FAIL.

amy said... Reply To This Comment

Wow, so sorry you had to go through all of that "stuff". :)

Hyrum looks so adorable sleeping on that cot!

Kell said... Reply To This Comment

Oh my heck! I'll admit to having a very crappy experience at Dallas airport, too. A previous flight caused us to miss our next flight, so we got to sit around for 8 hours waiting for the next flight! It was a terrible experience, especially since I had been up since 330 that morning.. and there was a pair of super obnoxious businessmen sitting across from me so I couldn't sleep. But at least we didn't have to deal with a rude person.. or sleep on a cot.
(PS Continental has been the best airline I've flown with. We got a full lunch on a 4 hour flight.. plus however many drinks we wanted, pretzels, blah blah. They must have known the way to my heart is with food!)

Amanda said... Reply To This Comment

your boys are just adorable!! lucky lady!

Whitney said... Reply To This Comment

Holy Catastrophe!!! Im so sorry.

Katelyn said... Reply To This Comment

Reading this story just made my day! Not because you had to endure such a disaster while traveling, of course, but because you were able to see the bright side! Sometimes we get so caught up in the little stuff that that seems tragic, when we've really got it pretty good compared to many others.

I'm glad you got there eventually and had fun! Your little boy(s) are just so cute!


Dana said... Reply To This Comment

Oh my gosh Connie! You are amazing! I'm practically in tears! I can't imagine that happening! I bet you were sooooo tired after that trip! Hope you've recovered and SORRY that happened! I won't fly American Airlines either now!!

Lacey said... Reply To This Comment

It sounds like you handled it all so well. That would have brought me to tears I think.
If you want to take another trip I'll try to find a suit case big enough for you so you can join us in Europe. You would have to take pictures for us of course as payment for that life size suitcase. I can see the your amazing photos of us in the gardens by the old bridge, or the amazing Moorish doors framing us... Maybe someday I"ll find a way for you to take our pics:)

kenzie said... Reply To This Comment

Awe man! I'm so sorry that happened to you! and you're right... stuff does happen. :/ I'm glad you found some positive in this experience! haha! you've opened up my eyes and shown me that you can pretty much find a good side to anything.

btw-Hyrum is sooo cute. :)


Vanessa said... Reply To This Comment

My goodness, how horrible! I can't believe that lady was so incredibly rude to you. I'll never understand people like that. At all!

I'm glad you found someone to help you and that you made it there safely! <3