Sunday, November 14, 2010

Life Calls for a Day Trip {take 2}

About this time last year I did a similar thing.  I guess this time of the year I need to run away from home and enjoy some fall colors to keep me going.  (Actually it's just a coincidence each trip involved fall colors and massive amounts of leaf pictures... that wasn't my motive last year, it was this time though:)
It's true... fall is my favorite and I just don't get it like I used to.  Although I love it here.  So I talked Tony into thinking a road trip up to the Coconino Forest was imperative to my happiness and he graciously chauffeured.  Truly though he was more than that- it was such a great drive (especially coming home when Brody napped).  We got to talk and laugh- it was a refreshing escape from my stresses back home. (Cause remember I lost my ring and spent the whole day before this trip looking for it)
Plus- school, this pregnancy, and loads of photo editing has worn me out a bit.  It was perfect timing to escape it all.... 
B LOVED the random stop we made to Montezuma's castle... he got to see a snake, even.
When I called the ranger station before we left she recommended going as if you were going to Sedona to find the fall colors- we ended up going through it.  Tony was a little nervous I was leading us to nowhere.... seeing is, I didn't really "plan" anything... we sorta just drove.  No ok, we literally just drove.  No plans, no wallet, our cares behind us)  Ok jk we might've brought our wallet.
Once we left Sedona we literally hit this:
We made a couple stops outside of Sedona before we stopped here- where we spent most of our time.  I brought my tripod so we were even able to take a couple family pictures- too bad I'm huge. (;
And then it was time to leave... leave..haha.  But NOT UNTIL I posed Brody for a picture.  I don't do that enough.
Whops, we made one more stop for this pretty area...
And well then I was craving a Napoleon pastry and so we stopped off again on our way back through Sedona for one...
they sold FRESH PASTRIES!  It was a Christmas miracle!  minus the Christmas part
PSSSSSSH YEAH... fresh pastries my rear!  I look over to a glass case of cookies, brownies, and whole pies.  So I ask the dude... "is this what you mean by pastries?"
I see.... well, then you guys are fools.
So we settled for some mediocre homemade ice cream and sailed home.  Which reminds me, I never got my pastry.  I know what I'm going to do tomorrow.....

(But anyway it was a great time had by all:)

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Sasha said... Reply To This Comment

I love this. I love Sedona and all up north, so pretty!

Kell said... Reply To This Comment

These pictures are all so gorgeous.. Sedona looks amazing!

Kathleen said... Reply To This Comment

Those are some absolutely gorgeous pictures!

Mars said... Reply To This Comment

pretty!!! what a fun spontaneous day trip :)

Eeny said... Reply To This Comment

Your pictures are amazing...

Melody said... Reply To This Comment

Wow Connie, You guys are creating those family memories that are so amazing, you will want to relive them again and again! I love the Father/Son picture and the throwing up the leaves picture---well all the pictures are terrific, but if I had to pick only two, those would be them! Brody is such a little Tony, and you and him are caught in that leaf picture in adulterated pure joy! It's truly amazing! I love you guys! See you soon! Love, Mother

Karm said... Reply To This Comment

those are beaitiful photos. Sedona and the Coconino forest areas are beautiful during the fall and spring (:

Erica Ann said... Reply To This Comment

looks SO fun! I would love to do this...maybe i can talk the hubbs into it this weekend!

Amanda said... Reply To This Comment

these pictures are seriously beautiful!!!! :)

Autumn Lynn said... Reply To This Comment

Such pretty pictures! I love the leaves. It just got really cold and snowy in Utah and I want it to go away haha :)

Shelby Lou said... Reply To This Comment

So pretty! I didn't get to see ANY leaves change. Las Vegas sucks. Oh well, you look gorgeous! :D

{andthisiswhatshesaid} said... Reply To This Comment

Sedona is SOOO beautiful. These photos are beautiful.

Lynn said... Reply To This Comment

happiness to you on finding fall!

i'm pretty stoked to find your blog and will definitely be following along your pretty paths. stunning photography, beautiful YOU and fams!!!!

pea ess: isn't it the best when you can rely on your handsome one to bring along the pocket jingly ✿

Dana said... Reply To This Comment

Oh man Connie. That makes me REALLY want a vacation!

Alycia (Crowley Party) said... Reply To This Comment

LOVED these pictures :) Such a beautiful family!

KatieBaby said... Reply To This Comment

I agree, beautiful pictures as always, and I love Sedona! Nice little trip away from Phoenix. I wish we could get some leaves to change colors here, I guess mesquite trees just don't work that way ;-)

Tatiana said... Reply To This Comment

So pretty! I love Arizona and it's hidden beauties. This makes me want to drive somewhere different then the every day scene.
Side note, if I looked like you every time I had a baby, I'd do it again.

Melody said... Reply To This Comment

I love the family pictures of you all. You are NOT huge. Measure Hyrum around the middle. I was 42 inches shortly before Perris! Love, Mom

Jessica said... Reply To This Comment

Those pictures are amazing!! I wish we had fall colors like that in TX, so beautiful.

Courtney said... Reply To This Comment

You should go to Slide Rock State Park in the summer! It's about 7 miles north of Sedona. (ok I totally just googled that so I could tell you exact location haha) My family went there once and I have the best memories! It's so pretty and SO awesome! A MUST SEE in the summer! And don't forget swimming suits and sunscreen :)