Thursday, May 26, 2011

Cali.. by my camera phone

I didn't get very many pictures of the trip but that's because it was only one day and besides I was there for my brothers- and my camera cards were reserved for them.  I had my phone though obviously- which even still I neglected to get very many pictures on it.  This was it!  Can you believe that?  
 Few things about my {short} trip:
-I would've never forgiven myself if I went to California without eating my beloved Chilli Cheese Fries
It was the feast of the year!  
-And In 'N Out of course (it tastes better in California than anywhere else;)  
-Neapolitan Shake!  Oh I miss it.
-& that was Hyrum's first beach trip.  
-I was a little preoccupied taking engagement shots of lovely couples (my brothers)
and Hyrum and I didn't really play on the beach- but I'm sure he was okay with it
for how chilly and windy it was!
-my sister drove out to be with us for part of the day!  It was so good to see her!
And anyway he just wanted to be home with his brother.