Thursday, August 21, 2014

Kenley's 2nd Birthday Soiree

I have to be honest, I hadn't given Kenley's 2nd birthday party THAT much thought.  I guess with having 4 kids now some things happen a little more suddenly and with less planning... and anyway I was prepared to do something more simple this year.  Then my husband planned a end-of-the-summer family BBQ and I realized it was the day before K's birthday!  So we just rolled the two together.  I got to collab with Tiny Prints on this.  I love their site!  They have sssoooOOOoooo many cute things to customize for really any occasion.  I was able to use a few of their lovely items for Kenley's birthday party and so instead of having something simple, we had a SOIREE!  (he he)
kenley's 2-
"K" stickers and ADORABLE pineapple invitation from Tiny Prints.kenley's 2-1 kenley's 2-2
You know me, I love to decorate for parties.  I decided since I had those awesome invitations I needed to do more.  I decided to make letters out of pipe cleaners for her cake topper, this pineapple garland to add to the party table to incorporate the invitations, among other things.  The color scheme ended up being silver, gold, black + white, and hot pink.
kenley's 2-3
I used the "K" stickers to close up these party favor bags.kenley's 2-4 kenley's 2-5 kenley's 2-6 kenley's 2-7
You better believe we had pina coladas in coconut cups for the "Summer Soiree!"  Super jealous of Annalynn's tan here.  I feel like I'm whiter now than when summer started! ha!kenley's 2-8. kenley's 2-8 kenley's 2-9 kenley's 2-10 kenley's 2-11 kenley's 2-12 kenley's 2-13
And of course no pool party is complete without a "relaxation-station".  Okay I just made that up, no one called it that.  heh heh.
I LOVE these custom pillows from Tiny Prints. We went with some Kenley-themed pillows, of course.kenley's 2-14 kenley's 2-15 kenley's 2-16 kenley's 2-17 kenley's 2-18 kenley's 2-19 kenley's 2-20 kenley's 2-21 kenley's 2-22 kenley's 2-23
My oldest baby has no top teeth!  I love it.kenley's 2-24 kenley's 2-25 kenley's 2-26 kenley's 2-27 kenley's 2-28 kenley's 2-29 kenley's 2-30 kenley's 2-31 kenley's 2-32 kenley's 2-33 kenley's 2-34 kenley's 2-35 kenley's 2-36
I had a lot of fun putting together Kenley's 2nd birthday party.  I don't know if any of my kids will care that I decorate and that kinda stuff but I enjoy it so it's worth it for that, too.  But I do think they love it by how they act when I'm making stuff or putting it up.  I love this spunky little 2 year old of mine.  Some moments I will say those "terrible two's" have arrived but for the most part she's still my angel.  She's so great.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

A Kenley Post

This sweetheart angel of mine needs her own post.  She is so happy all the time and such a wonderful helper, I just love her.  She's like her mama, always cleaning something.  That, or she will point out something that she feels NEEDS to be cleaned and says "Ewww, Ewww, Ewww!" until I clean it.  She will copy one word at a time that we tell her; and so, she is saying the cutest prayers now.  She also is OBSESSED with her "blankie", sucking her thumb, and her "puppy" (which she really means "cuppy" - her sippy cup).  She RUNS up to me when I come home from going anywhere and gives my legs the biggest hugs to the point that I could get tipped over.  She also chants.  Tony can attest to this... she'll either chant "MOM-MY! MOM-MY! MOM-MY" or "DA-DDY! DA-DDY! DA-DDY!" And rocks side to side from one foot to the other while saying it, it's hilarious.  Can you tell she can do no wrong in my eyes?  That's not true, she's started throwing her food on the floor after she's full.  That's not my favorite.  She really is a doll though, I am so grateful I get to be her mom.IMG_1303blog IMG_1300
She is so girly too... she cries when I take this necklace off of her.  She loves wearing necklaces and putting on shoes.  I wish I got a picture of her on Sunday wearing my heels but I'm confident I'll get another chance to capture THAT.IMG_1297 IMG_1271
We absolutely love this bag sent us!  Look, it's personalized!  This is called the kid's weekender bag and it's absolutely perfect for my Kenley.  Like I said, she is obsessed with a few things and so it will make bringing those things around town much easier now (i.e. blanket, cup, etc.)  Red envelope has a TON of cute kid and new baby gifts you can personalize, go check them out!IMG_1291 IMG_1279
This bag also has a removable strap which works great for her size right now and when she gets bigger it will be nice to have the shoulder strap.  When I first opened the package it smelled awesome of leather from the real leather detailing.  The zipper glides perfectly too.  I love this bag!  It will be perfect for when she has sleepovers at grandma's or her Aunt's house.IMG_1269 IMG_1304blog
And then of course we went to Churn for ice cream and she was able to take along her favorite things without dragging them on the floor this time (;IMG_1316blog IMG_1312

Monday, June 16, 2014

First roll with Contax 645

Those who have been following my blog for a while were there when I got my first camera and started my little business.  But what you don't know, what I never admitted, was that back when I started shooting I felt like I was horrible.  Even a couple years into it I was disappointed in myself.  My eye would be drawn to the work of others... and I never could understand how they achieved what they did.  I went to school and learned a ton and started to feel more comfortable!  In fact, at this point I'm beyond comfortable in my abilities.  Now I look at other's work and know what they did to get what they got- OR I know what they did wrong to fudge the shot.  I say this without boasting, but rather, just grateful for where I'm at right now.

Over the years I realized though that those favorite photographers of mine all had one thing in common- they shot film.
When I realized that, I was discouraged... but I did my best anyway with what I knew (digital).  To me, film was something foreign, something I would never go near.  I bought a Diana camera and thought I was getting my fill, but the quality of pictures is so crappy (they are meant to be), I got scared to work with it.  Film is unpredictable, it's easily damaged, you can't erase and try the shot again, "it's expensive" so you can't just shoot hundreds and erase your favorites without there being a huge expense involved.

But then this year happened.  2014 has been amazing for my business.  In fact, by the end of May I had twice as many shoots under my belt as I had done in all of 2013 combined.  That's huge.  Even though I've been so blessed and doing so well with my digital camera so many things were coming up that scared me.  All that time on the computer, my carpel tunnel flaring up, I couldn't keep up!  So the answer might've been to just take on less clients but really in the long run I realized I just can't shoot digital as much as I do.  Then it hit me.  WHY NOT SHOOT FILM!?  I won't go into the great "film vs. digital" debate because I love both mediums for different reasons... but at this point, I'm ready for a change.  For a challenge.

So I took the plunge.  I bought the Contax 645 (which is the camera all my favs use), a bunch of film, and I'm slowly teaching myself.  What you see below is all from my first try.  First roll of film.  I have to admit for my standards, they are all bloopers.  I'm so used to tack sharp images that digital brings, strong contrast, and vibrant colors.  But there's nothing like the softness and romanticism of film.  I like what my lab did to these scans, but I'm still working with them to create the look that takes my breath away.  I've adjusted some things as far as my camera is concerned... it's all a process... but I'm so excited to be doing what I've always wanted to do.  Finally.

9382_08 9382_04edit 9382_10 9382_06 9382_05 9382_02 9381_01 9381_07 blog 9381_16 9381_15 9381_06 blog 9381_12 9381_02blog
So what am I getting at?  Because I'm learning and growing with film still I want to eventually do a giveaway!  I don't know when, but sooner than later, I'll be announcing a giveaway for a session with me- and my new camera (:
I will be announcing it on Instagram sometime!  @connieballuff
By the way, I totally left Instagram last summer and just got back a few weeks ago.  I lost all my followers and people who I followed.  ACK!  I can't remember everyone so please go say hi if I have not found you on IG again yet.

ALSO, in my last miniature post I mentioned changes.  This is one of those changes but there's moooore..... (;  Stick around.