Wednesday, January 18, 2012

White lace bottles | DIY

Thank you friends, for your sweet comments and concern for my family lately!  I'm ready to move forward, even though the effects of things will linger for a while.  But moving on!  (Literally... we're moving next month..and we're not going to the same place we thought- somewhere better.  That's the good news.  But more on that later.)  So, back in the spring last year, I turned root beer bottles into cute flower vases that I shared here- this girl was the mastermind.  I've gotten compliments on them since but always had a little beef about seeing "Root Beer" all big through the paint.  So recently i decided why not take lace and wrap it around (like I have before) to cover it.  Here's what I did...

Cut lace to fit around, so the sides touch, but not overlap.
Apply a thin layer of Elmer's glue (or Mod Podge) on bottle and stick lace on it.
Then, with your same sponge brush, sponge glue over the top of your lace until it's securely glued in place and sticks to your bottle all over.
Disclaimer:  It didn't mask the words to perfection- but just enough to not make it the first thing you notice.  I really like it- and it was simple- took me like 10 minutes.  Cheap too.  (Free for me, since I had everything)  My advice would be don't sponge down too hard over the letters "root beer" or you will see them still a little bit.  Also, take time and really measure before you cut.  I was lazy and didn't so there are... imperfections (;

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Olivia.Dee said... Reply To This Comment

i was looking for something like this when i had all kinds of extra coke bottle laying around. well... now I know for next time!

brooke field said... Reply To This Comment

Super cute idea! I love DIYers ;)

Nicki said... Reply To This Comment

Goodness. I am a lace addict. So I just love this with all my heart.

amy said... Reply To This Comment

Ooh, LOVE!!

Karm said... Reply To This Comment

that is cute. Now that would be great for my living room, if only my sons didn't knock everything over with their toys... haha

Makay said... Reply To This Comment

SO CUTE! That would be especially precious for a wedding...
I may just pin it! ;)

Leticia said... Reply To This Comment

very cute! I've saved all my sparkling cider bottles from the Christmas season so I could make some of these. Have you seen the ones you use hot glue to write words and then spray paint? like love. joy. etc? SO cute!!

Mariel Torres said... Reply To This Comment

What a beautiful DIYer! It would look so gorg in my bedroom ;)

Rebecca said... Reply To This Comment

Fun project! I'll have to try it out!

Danielle and Trev said... Reply To This Comment

Just found your blog today! You are the cutest mom in the universe!! Added your little button as well for easy access :) Can't wait to read along!

Bree Holloway said... Reply To This Comment

Adorable! DIY's are such fun. :)


Anonymous said... Reply To This Comment

Pretty! I have some clear Cream Soda bottles that I've been saving to do something fun with. Might try this!

Ashley Eliza said... Reply To This Comment

those are perfection connie! you always make the cutest things.


Meg {henninglove} said... Reply To This Comment

ok i need to do this project stat!! what a beautiful project i love lace on anything :-)

Kylee Noelle {blog} said... Reply To This Comment

i seriously love this idea! so pretty!