I started this blog in 2008 when I realized I wanted to share stories of my  new baby with friends and family near and far.  Since then it has become an outlet for my thoughts and creativity.  Also along the way I found a deeper passion for photography.  We were living in Arizona when I started this blog but we've since lived in Oklahoma, Kentucky, Tennessee, and back again!  We love our lives; struggles, happy times and all.  In case you were wondering: I quit updating this blog before my 3rd child was born in 2012- so a lot is missing.  I needed a more private life, and more time for my kids.  I'm now occasionally coming back for collaboration projects, to share the latest with my photography business, and any other big things happening in my life I want to document.

Our first summer in Oklahoma 2009 I was taking pictures like a mad woman.  We only had a point and shoot at the time but that didn't stop me.  I soon realized I was more obsessed than the average person and had to upgrade my camera so I could further my passion.  So my husband bought me a DSLR for my birthday that August.  That November, I started doing paid sessions for people...for cheap.  That period of time was important for me.  I was able to learn more about photography, feel more confident, and get a handle on photoshop.  At the same time I was also enrolled in a beginning photography course.  Since then, after hours upon days upon months of practice, patience, and several upgrades later, I feel confident.    I love what I do and I love sharing that with others.  Capturing people- their personalities and smiles-  is my favorite thing.

Tony is my husband... he's from Arizona, I'm from Southern California.  When I met Tony he was lead singer in a band with dreams to make music together, since I play the piano.  That's still a goal, although life has added lots more than that in the mix.  For one, three wonderful little boys and a beautiful girl!  We love our kids so much and we have so much fun together, all of us.  There's more to me/us than meets this blog.  But here's a tiny taste...

Tony loves: Football, guitar, okay most sports, video games, reading, Fogo De Chao, the beach, traveling...
Connie loves: the gospel, piano, photography, candy, shopping, slurpees, traveling, eating, the beach, holidays, throwing parties.  All that and so much more.

For fun: my bucket list & instagram!  Take Luck!
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