Friday, March 16, 2012

That's all, folks.

"life moves pretty fast.  If you don't stop to look around once in a while, you might miss it." 
(yes I went there, quoting the great Ferris Beuhler)
Lately (and by lately I mean almost as soon as I clicked "create blog"), I've questioned if this is something I wanted to devote even a little bit of time to.  I do like it- most of the time I love it.  You guys, those who read and respond, have given me reason week upon week to keep writing.  It's fun to hear from people!  Naturally.  But from time to time over these years I'd still question and wonder if I should keep going... as you can tell they always resulted in the same thing: keep going.  Keep blogging about life- share a lot about what I think, feel, and do each day.  Put yourself out there.

...but even more lately something changed.  I realized that for too long I've questioned this space.  I'm not sure that it's everything I want it to be.  I'm not sure it's improved my life all that much- maybe it's done the opposite, in some ways.  I'm looking for improvement.  I've reached a point in my life where there's not much extra of me to go around.  So something has to go.  Right now, I don't have the desire to do this.  I have just too much ahead of me that is demanding my attention.  I have decided to clear my life of the demands that blogging brings me and I want to see all that I can accomplish without it.  I really feel good about this decision.

Obviously, this wasn't easy for me though.  I've met so many wonderful friends through this- I've had so many opportunities, I've expanded my creativity and so on and on and on...
I really have loved blogging- and to be frank, I've loved having people read it too.  I've loved hearing from you, and having support from time to time when I needed it.  I've enjoyed those connections more than any of the other perks blogging has brought me.  But I can't do this forever, and I know I don't want to.

I've decided to share bits and pieces of my personal life from time to time on my photography blog, and I will still be on instagram (connieraeb).  If I take some great vacation or party photos I'll put them up on my photography site.  I still want to share photos on occasion that mean a lot to me, or that I love that I'd otherwise put here.  I don't want to be completely shut out, I'm just privatizing my life more drastically now.

Thanks for everything friends and readers, I've loved sharing bits and pieces of my life with you over the years.  I wish you all the best.  I've enjoyed blogging but I'm so excited to free my to-do list a little bit and focus on what matters most.

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lex said... Reply To This Comment

oooooooh, i do love your blog!! you always have the most creative and cute ideas, so please be sure to keep your photography blog updated!! and when this cute baby comes, I want to see lots of pictures :) :)

Good for you for stepping back and focusing on what really matters. Thanks for being such an inspiration!! Wishing you and your family the best!


Eeny said... Reply To This Comment

That's a sad news for your readers but of course it is good news for you.

Hope we'll keep in touch.

Mars said... Reply To This Comment

Sad but in a day where there is so much technology and social media I think it can easily consume one's life and detract us from what matters most. Kudos to you for doing this but your lovely blog will be missed!

Rebecca said... Reply To This Comment

Oh no! I'm so sad. I love reading your blog. I understand that you need to do whatever is best for you though. Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy and enjoy the extra time you'll have with your fam!

brooke field said... Reply To This Comment

I see how that is a good (and tough) decision. You will be missed!

Brittany said... Reply To This Comment

aw :( i love your blog! but it's understandable. good luck with everything; pregnancy, family, kids, photography, etc. you are one cute mama!

Lauren said... Reply To This Comment

Love you girl! I'll be following that photo blog of yours. Enjoy your beautiful family.

Jessica said... Reply To This Comment

I'm going to miss reading along! Best of luck in all you do, you are so talented! I hope to see pictures of your newest addition on your photo blog :)

Courtney B said... Reply To This Comment

Ooooh I am SO SAD! I love reading about you and your adorable family! But I do understand how time consuming blogging is... and if I had babies to take care of I would probably come to the same conclusion! But I do hope you post when you find out what you're having :)
Love ya, Connie!

Kris and Corissa said... Reply To This Comment

Sad to see you leave the blogging world. I look forward to your posts on your photography blog. :)

April and Mark said... Reply To This Comment

I've always loved reading your blog, but completely understand how you feel. Good for you, for going with that feeling! I'm sure everyone will just go over to your photo blog and keep following. So great to meet you the other day, too! Love, love, love our pictures!

♥{Diana}♥ said... Reply To This Comment

Take care! Enjoy AZ again :)

♥{Diana}♥ said... Reply To This Comment
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The Suz said... Reply To This Comment

Miss Connie-

I've loved keeping up on your blog--you are so talented! Thanks for the good times. :)

Autumn said... Reply To This Comment

I totally understand this!

Good luck with everything! :)

Darcie Santoyo said... Reply To This Comment

This is the first time ive been on blogger in i dont know how long... and you're not the only one doing this. I think at the kids age the need us mommas, i want to write sometimes but then don't really. I got rid of FB too. C'ya on instagram :)

Ashley Eliza said... Reply To This Comment


I am going to miss your blog (A LOT) but honestly I have been going back and forth contemplating this myself. (more so just going private) Thank you for your stories of inspiration, funny ones & for your example from afar. I always have looked up to you even though i don't 'know' you- i can just tell you are a strong woman and wonderful wife and mother! You are so cute, so creative, and talented.

Keep in touch via instagram!


sylvia said... Reply To This Comment

I will sure miss checking your blog. You are such a talented, pretty lady. I admire all that you do as a mom and photographer. Take care!

Hannah said... Reply To This Comment

You look so adorable. I'm so happy for you! Growing families is such a blessing. I totally hear where you are coming from; I did this myself on Sherbet Blossom last year. When I stopped blogging last June, I never looked back. It's been such a blessing.

So happy to be following you on Instagram! I'm on there too. @hannahcraner

Best wishes!

sophomoresweetie said... Reply To This Comment
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vickichristine said... Reply To This Comment

well what poor timing to find your blog. ;) good luck and that ferris quote might be one of my all time faves.

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