Friday, July 15, 2011

this years 4th of July

 I love America and celebrating my independence!  In the last several years the 4th of July has become more and more a favorite holiday.  For the last few summers it's just been me and my boys, with no other family around but we've had so much fun!  I decided to make a few patriotic things (if I make the strawberries again I'll use different sprinkles- those stained our hands!)  The drink I made will be a new tradition- Brody was obsessed with it!  We decided to take Brody to Chuck E Cheese for his first time since he'd been asking for ever.  It was pretty empty so we were glad we went that day!  We later had our BBQ, mock campout in the backyard complete with tent and s'mores, and our own fireworks.  Oh, and I got the last box of "bomb pops" at the store so I was happy about that.  The day was seriously a blast- in every way. (;
see other pictures here
Have a great weekend!

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al said... Reply To This Comment

Wow, all of these pictures are awesome. I LOVE the one of the marshmallow roasting!

Mars said... Reply To This Comment

Sounds like a super fun day! I love the 4th of July! I also remember going to Chuck-E-Cheese when they would have that puppet show with the mechanical characters that would play music and stuff. Maybe that was just the one in CO and back in the day but that's my only memory of that place. Love that you guys had a backyard campout! Your boys are too cute. PS how do you get your hair to stay pinned back like that? I've seriously tried pinning my hair back for yeeaarrsss but I have too much of it and after like 10 bobby pins it doesn't look cute lol.

Hannah said... Reply To This Comment

How fun! What's that drink recipe? It looks so yummy!

Erin said... Reply To This Comment

love those strawberries! what a fun 4th!

Karm said... Reply To This Comment

I have never been to Chuck E Cheese yet. But if I have an opportunity then I must. The only place I have taken my sons to is Amazing Jakes... aren't they almost the same thing? haha

wholesouls2 said... Reply To This Comment

Great post Connie; missed seeing you guys on the 4th, but sounds like you are building some great family traditionss! Love, Mother

Savannah said... Reply To This Comment

I love these photos your boys are too cute for words! The 4th of July is just a perfect holiday!

Shalyn said... Reply To This Comment

I LOVE that you guys had a mock campout in the backyard- what a fun idea! And Chuck E Cheeses is the BEST!

kelli case anderson said... Reply To This Comment

yayayyaa looks like you had the most fun 4th!