Thursday, October 1, 2009

Pretzel Jell-O

This is perfect for a lunch or summertime dessert. Commonly found at enrichment evening. You'll love it.

10-29-09 (40)


  • 1/8 cup sugar
  • 2 cups crushed pretzels
  • 1 1/2 sticks melted butter

Cream Cheese Layer

  • 8 oz cream cheese
  • 1 Cup Sugar
  • 4 Cups cool whip

Jell-O Layer:

  • 1 lg pkg Raspberry (or strawberry) Jell-O
  • 2 cups boiling water
  • 1 pkg FROZEN strawberries (or raspberries)

I like to mix the two. I usually do raspberry Jell-O and strawberries but you can mix it up, or keep just one flavor.


10-29-09 (58)10-29-09 (53)

Mix crust ingredients together and press in a 9 x 13 inch pan. Bake at 350 degrees for 10 minutes. Cool completely.

Beat cheese mixture together and spread over cooled crust.

10-29-09 (55)10-29-09 (45)

Dissolve Jell-O in boiling water. Stir in frozen strawberries. Place in bowl to congeal. Spread over cheese. (**I usually slice the strawberries and blend them in a blender before mixing with the hot water. This time I blended half and sliced half. You might just want them all sliced, which is easiest. It's up to you- although I think it's best if they are blended!)

10-29-09 (34)10-29-09 (31)

Chill over night.

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8 lovely comments:

Allison said... Reply To This Comment

um.. that looks delicious. I will have to eat that sometime.

{Jamie} said... Reply To This Comment

Seriously looks sooooo good! Crap!

Devin & Ruthann said... Reply To This Comment

Devin tried to make this once. It didn't turn out very good. The pretzels were too soggy.

Lindsay, Dano and Navy said... Reply To This Comment

I LOVE pretzel jello!!! I am definately going to give this version a try!

Melody said... Reply To This Comment

Yeah! Just in time for a baby shower I am hosting. Thanks! Love, Mother

salena said... Reply To This Comment

I make this every Christmas! Well for 2 years now. :) It's one of those that seem like a weird combination until you try's so yummy!

Brea said... Reply To This Comment

Ooo.. I am totally going to try this! you know, since it's summer year round here! :)

We just at your pasta taco salad for dinner! LOVED IT! such a good Idea! Thanks girl!

Nancy Face said... Reply To This Comment

YUM! Would you believe I've never tasted or even SEEN that dessert before? :)