Monday, May 16, 2016


First off a disclaimer: I uploaded these images directly from blogger so the color and quality is probably toast by now but it's okay because I'll be putting these and so much more on my photo website soon!  I loved the turnout of this shoot- and so many awesome vendors came out to support.  
But how about these cute glasses?  They are from and looked adorable on Tiffany, the sweet-as-she-is-pretty model that we worked with.  The glasses on that website are super affordable- which is nice when you lose (or your kids break) as many pairs as I seem to lose (and have broken).  So as for my update:

I've been a complete workaholic maniac since I stopped blogging regularly.  And not just on my photography (which has come along, eh eh? ) but as a mom/wife/person.  Being a mom is my #1.  I just don't have time for other things (*cough* blogging), as much fun as they are.  It's either work for a living or be a mom- oh, and about one THOUSAND other obligations that seem to come my way... 

I do things for myself to stay sane (like fun shoots like the one above) but I haven't even been able to keep up with my gym memberships.  It's become more like a donation to the gym... and I get nothing.  But it's okay to admit when you can't manage your life and you have to simplify.  I just CAN'T do it all.  I can't work for everybody, I can't do even 1/100th of the things on my to-do list.  It's okay... we can breathe.  I'm not a failure just an over-achiever. (; 

So this update didn't end up being an update at all- other than a hello to whoever reads this and an "I'm-alive,-in-case-you-hadn't-noticed", kind of.. update.

Truth is, I have a lot on my plate and I probably won't blog much right NOW but I do plan on coming back as soon as I can to share some things in my life. I just kinda want to help people with some things I've learned.  Deal?  Okay, until then!