Saturday, December 26, 2015

Our Christmas Day 2015

 I just love Christmas time.  Everything that the Christmas songs talk about with the lights, feeling in the air, gift giving, family, and cheer.  All that on top of the gratitude I feel for my loving Savior and that He came to earth to save us all.  I love celebrating Him.  This Christmas season flew by.  It was wonderful, all of it, but it went by so fast.  Some stress came from having to move during it all!  It's not like we just had to move all of our stuff from one home to the next, we've had to do so many things to our new home: new electrical panel, furnace work, plumbing work, new dishwasher, roof repair, on and on.  Not to mention, every square inch of the inside of the home (NOT exaggerating, I'm serious) has had to be painted.  It's not done.  I have so much work to do I feel as though I've just begun to scratch the surface.  We have painters tape all over my house and I have very little time to do it.  However despite all of that, I was, and am, able to see how much God loves me and how much Jesus Christ love me.  I'm not complaining; because things have to be done that aren't fun sometimes.  That doesn't mean life isn't beautiful.  I have zero regrets about my holiday season.  I know I treasured it and celebrated adequately with my family- and I'm actually proud of myself that those other things didn't get me too overwhelmed.  I definitely simplified this year and when I really think about it... it was nice.

So like last year I decided to throw some clips of our Christmas day together.  I want to remember what made this Christmas day special and these clips do just that.  Most of it is only significant to me but I wanted to share anyway.  One of the highlights of the day was the falling snow!  We got quite a bit of snow last night and today!  I've seriously always dreamed about having a white Christmas but the closest I've ever gotten is having a white Christmas eve in El Paso one year as a kid and then Virginia several years back.  I vividly remember as a kid growing up I'd check that before anything else.  A few times, the glow on the ground from the moon fooled me into thinking we really did get some snow.  There I was, a southern California girl hoping for snow even though I knew it was a long shot.  Anyway, it's silly and not really necessary, but it was fun to get it today.  My childhood dream!