Monday, October 26, 2015

Halloween Decor 2015

How pretty was this morning?  I'm loving it here.  And I think we all know my love for "cute halloween" decor.  I *despise* the bloody creepy stuff.  My kids are grateful for that, no doubt.  Another thing I love about halloween is decorating with my kids' creations.  How cute are the decorations B has brought home from school over the last couple years?  I'm excited to see what he brings home this week.  My kids have also loved taking spider web and putting it around the house.  I personally love gel clings.  They are so kid friendly and add so much so easily.  I know they don't look expensive and ritzy but nothing about my life really is so it's perfect for me.

The biggest change about decorating this year vs. last year is having a mantle!  I had a "wall ledge" but no mantle before.  It's been fun this year to change it over the season.  After the break I shared a couple more images from this year's mantle.  Most of my decor is randomly throughout the house but I like to take pictures to remember year by year where I put stuff.  It's hard when I move all the time but it's still fun for me to go back and see what I've done with what I have at each home.
IMG_7236 IMG_7234 IMG_7227 IMG_7187 IMG_7223 IMG_7221 IMG_7220 IMG_7191 IMG_7197 IMG_7210 IMG_7209 IMG_7162 IMG_7160 IMG_7156 IMG_7150 IMG_7214 IMG_7212 IMG_7144 IMG_7166 IMG_7171 IMG_7174 IMG_7180 IMG_7181 IMG_7218 IMG_7201 IMG_7203
IMG_7240 IMG_7136 IMG_1336 IMG_1329 IMG_1313 IMG_1307 IMG_1303 IMG_1302 IMG_1289 IMG_1290
IMG_1263 IMG_1251 IMG_1247 IMG_1239
Oh, and the super moon eclipse we had last month!  So glad we could witness it and it wasn't cloudy.  I took this without a tripod so it's not super sharp but cool still.

Here are a couple of iPhone pictures of my mantle this year. I couldn't find any of my 4th of July or St. Patricks day. IMG_0371 IMG_8120