Monday, October 26, 2015

Berry Picking + Corn Maze

I've been told this fall has been unusually warm.  Coming from AZ, I am fine with that.  At the end of last month my mom came into town (yay!) so one day we took the kids to a local corn maze and then went to pick berries.  We intended on picking peaches but they were picked clean!  We ended up making an apple pie with apples we picked days before and it was the best pie I've ever had.  Luckily at the corn maze the kids were happy to just play on a outside playground instead of pay the admission and do all the stuff there.  So we did that and they also brought their own money and got halloween toys from the gift shop.

It was a lot of fun.  Oh, and I cut my hair back in August on my 30th bday.  It feels so much shorter than it looks- I swear I cut a straight foot off in the back.  It's starting to cool down now and I'm getting excited for the holidays!  Halloween is my favorite next to Christmas so I'll share my house decor soon.IMG_1095blog IMG_1104 IMG_1089 IMG_1113 IMG_1122 IMG_1123 IMG_1130 IMG_1138 IMG_1145 IMG_1149 IMG_1151 IMG_1142 IMG_1171 IMG_1160 IMG_1174 IMG_1191 IMG_1199 IMG_1201 IMG_1207 IMG_1204 IMG_1215 IMG_1209