Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Apple Picking

When my mom came into town we picked her up from the airport and went straight to apple picking. My kids and her had planned that out for a while so it was fun to finally do.  The apples were TINY and mostly not so good... not to mention it. was. HOT that late September day.  But, like I said in a previous post that was the best apple pie I've ever had.  My kids loved being in charge of their buckets and filling them up.  There were some delicious caramels after and apple cider.  I love fall!

Oh, and poor Greyson's broken leg.  4 kids and 7+ years as a mom and it finally happened where I turned my back and someone got hurt.  Tony called to go on a lunch date and so while Greyson played quietly in the boy's room I went in my bathroom and started brushing my hair.  Minutes later I came in to him crying, holding his leg standing next to the bed.  I texted Tony saying I thought Greyson broke his leg.  There was a different fear and look in his eye as he cried so I knew it wasn't just a bonk or something.  He bent his fibula and the doctor said it wasn't a big deal and it would "heal quickly" so cast it for 3 weeks.  After one difficult week Greyson started walking normally on his cast.  When the 3 weeks were over (and they went FAST!) we took the cast off and had him walk but he cried "ow!" So the dr had another one put on for 2 more weeks.  The first day without the cast he still complained but the doctor ensured me he would get used to it.  He hobbled around and couldn't walk or run normally for a few days but little by little he stopped saying ow and limping and he's back to his normal self!  I'm so grateful it wasn't worse and that according to his doctor, he shouldn't have any negative side effects from this.  I have to admit, watching him walk around on his cast was the cutest thing ever.  I really missed chasing him and making him scream and run away, so I am happy to have that cast gone though.
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