Friday, September 4, 2015

There's Always Hope

After finding out about these videos I just felt (a couple times today) like I needed to share this.  I went on my church's website and noticed they came out with new addiction recovery videos.  These stories break my heart and I can't imagine what they had to go through.  But, at the same time I can imagine.  I do understand being human and hardships in life... having personal struggles and weaknesses, shortcomings and trials.  Life is hard sometimes!  Forgiving yourself and others is not easy!  But it's all possible.

I feel so deeply for people who are in a dark place and I just hope that someday they can see there is hope.  I know there is hope for everyone, no matter what.  There are proper steps to take when overcoming huge obstacles like these; but, it is up to each person to make that choice to better their lives and come to know of God's love for them.  Each of us has a choice to do wrong and a choice to do right.  Here is the trailer to all 12 short videos.  And here is where you can see all 12:  I hope someone needed this today because I really felt like I should share.