Sunday, March 8, 2015

Sunday Snow Day

When we moved here there was tons of snow on the ground.  We didn't get to play in it as a family before it melted since we were so busy with the move, but we did get a little snow (the kind that didn't stick- like this day here) a few times after that.  This was on March 1st.  Not surprisingly, my kids LOVE snow.
IMG_9825 IMG_9902 IMG_9824 IMG_9805 IMG_9809 IMG_9811 IMG_9812 IMG_9813 IMG_9814 IMG_9816 IMG_9819 IMG_9880 IMG_9894 IMG_9895 IMG_9897 IMG_9909 IMG_9910 IMG_9912 IMG_9913 IMG_9915 IMG_9924 IMG_9931 IMG_9918