Thursday, February 5, 2015

Why I Stopped Blogging & Why I'm (kinda) Back

Over the past few years since I stopped blogging religiously I've had people ask me... "are you okay?" ... "I hope everything is okay with you."   It always kinda baffled me (but also flattered me that they cared) because OF COURSE things were okay!  I didn't have to be blogging weekly for my life to be perfectly okay... in fact, when I WASN'T blogging consistently things were BETTER than ever!  I have more time for my kids and my husband... we don't bust out the camera when a dance party ensues- we just live in the moment.  When I was a "blogger" I couldn't imagine NOT documenting something like that.

Why did I stop blogging?  I did already say... (you can read the post if you missed it).  And I stand by those words with all my heart.  (The:  "Good, better, best" philosophy... and what is more important than this space?)  Truly?  Blogging is not all that important after all (I found that out when I quit).  Sure, it was fun to document my families every move (give or take), to have readers, and to get free stuff to promote.  But the bottom line was, it wasn't where my time should've really been invested as much as it was.  I knew that.  I quit to get my priorities straight.  After that, I focused more on my Instagram account-which I shortly quit too.  (I am back on IG at the moment of course.. you know because you're awesome and follow heh heh jk).  I can see though, from an outsiders perspective, why they would think something was wrong with me when in a years time I quit Facebook, blogging, and IG (the only social media I was into).  But honestly I was just trying to simplify.  I wanted more focus on my family and that's what I got (I STILL want that!).  I definitely needed a break from those things when I took them.  But....
IMG_4169 IMG_4171 IMG_4176
That doesn't mean I think blogging is bad.  I never did.  I was just so wrapped up in it I could hardly fall asleep without my next post filling my brain.  Now do I even think about this space?  Ha!  It's awesome I feel like I control it.  And when I feel up to it, if time allows, I'll post.  When I want to take a few months off, I take a few months off!  I feel the occasional blog post fits my life again.  So what changed?  And why am I explaining anything to anyone?  (heh!) Well, the BIGGEST reason why I want to blog here and there again (and say HI) is because (drumroll please)...IMG_4180 IMG_4183 IMG_4186 IMG_4187
We moved!  I talked a little bit about this on some posts... about change... if you know my life at all you're not surprised we moved again.  I am though!  We thought we'd live in Arizona forever!
Another reason I feel I should post now and then again is for all our awesome family I left behind in Arizona (and my parents still in Germany) that would hardly ever see us if I didn't share a thing or two now and then.  Plus, being in a new state, it would be nice to connect with past friends.  You read me?  So.  Incase you don't know where we are by now...
IMG_4193 IMG_4195
Yep, we moved to UTAH.  Crazy cause when I met my husband and told him how much I loved living in Utah he told me he'd never want to live there.  Turns out he loves it.  And right now is supposedly the hardest time to live here (in the winter) least, that's what I've been told.IMG_4205 IMG_4212 IMG_4216 IMG_4220 IMG_4221 IMG_4226 IMG_4238 IMG_4239 IMG_4241 IMG_4245
So there you have it.  My family has relocated ONCE AGAIN and I hope my family/friends/non-creepy strangers will appreciate the tidbits I share while we are here.  We don't know how long we will be here (we were thinking forever) so in the meantime, when I have the time, I will share.

*Couple things about these pictures: it's been REALLY warm here lately.  Like, 60 degrees.  So don't be fooled at our jackets, we technically didn't need anything that warm but we WERE trying to find snow.  Also, yes, Tony fell in the creek.  It was literally right after he told Brody he shouldn't do it because he could fall in.  So hilarious.