Tuesday, December 9, 2014

December Things

The month has just begun and there are so many great times to be had but I'm not sure I'll get to document them until it's all over so I wanted to share a few things so far!  You already saw our tree set up.  Tony and I were able to go to the EVMCO concert at the Mesa Arts Center for a date night.  I HIGHLY recommend it, the choir and orchestra are amazing!  My sister-in-law plays the viola in it so look for her if you go (;  I've been able to continue to work with amazing clients through this month and keep up going to the gym too.  Other than that we FOUND A HOUSE so stay tuned for our NEXT big move.  It's been nice to Christmas shop, watch the Christmas devotional, build our traditional Gingerbread house, go to the annual Relief Society Christmas dinner at my ward, visit Santa at the Superstition Springs Mall, and visit the temple lights at the Mesa Temple...among other things.  Brody told me his favorite thing about the season is looking for Bo Jingle our Elf on the Shelf each morning.  That's our month in a nutshell.
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One other thing I am especially stoked about this year is our Christmas cards!  I went to tinyprints.com of course.  Not only could I get my address printed on the envelope (take that carpel tunnel) but I was able to print envelope liners of an alternate family photo to share with friends and family.  Kenley wasn't looking happy in the card pic so it was awesome that I could do that.  I know I could've gone with an accordion card or card with multiple pictures but my heart was set on just one pic on a flat card.  I think they turned out so cute!  I could've even had tinyprints MAIL MY CARDS FOR ME!  Maybe next year I will (;  I will share more family pictures from that photo shoot with Daniel Kim soon! xo IMG_2608blog IMG_2618editblog IMG_2635blog

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