Thursday, November 20, 2014

Two Year Old Kenley on Film

When Kenley turned two in August I decided last minute one day to go out and take some pictures of her.  I needed another excuse to practice my film and use my new light meter!  Perfect excuse.  She's an awesome two year old (a little addicted to chocolate milk but we still love her;)... She makes you feel like gold when you come home and greets you.  One day I was teaching relief society and she walks in and screams "mommy! Hi!"  She made everyone love her instantly.  She sucks that thumb A TON which I still love but I have a feeling I won't be as fond of it in the coming months and years.  So if you have suggestions for me for her quitting THAT, please share!  Anyway we love you Kenley! Film Connie B 2-5blog Film Connie B 2-3blog Film Connie B 2-4blog Film Connie B 2-1blog Film Connie B 2-6 Film Connie B 2-7blog Film Connie B