Saturday, November 22, 2014

Hyrum's Ninja Turtle Party

Hyrum turned 4 on Monday!  We celebrated that day by going to Firehouse for lunch, the park, Churn in Phoenix for ice-cream (as he requested) and then ended the day with presents at home.  We also had a fun little extended family party today for him.  At first he wanted Thomas the Train.  But then a few days before asked for a Ninja Turtle party and he loved it!  I don't like to spend too much money on decorations and things but I do like to make it fun so here's what I did: (All for about $20!)

I think the most interesting thing I did was the Ninja Turtle cupcakes.  I'm sure this idea is on the internet somewhere but it was an idea all my own.  I just cut some fruit by the foot and fruit roll ups into masks and added mini chocolate chips to make their faces.  To cut the holes in the eyes I used a single hole punch.  Haha!  It worked perfectly.

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