Monday, October 20, 2014

So long, Summer.

Yes, it's still like 90 outside but summer is officially over!  I'm absolutely okay with that.  In Mesa it's warm most of the year so when I feel a little chill in the air for the first time I get really excited.  We do love summer though- it's nice to have all the kids home to entertain.  Here are a few peeks into our last month of summer:
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The kids love it when I fill our sandbox up with water in the summer.  One of these days we'll blow up the pool and use that!  It's so much work though, ha!Connie B 3 Roll 2-11blog Connie B 3 Roll 2-9blog Connie B 3 Roll 2-8blog Connie B 3 Roll 2-4blog
We love family walks around the Mesa temple but in the summer when it's so hot we like going to the visitors center.  Brody, always a sweetheart, is always picking me flowers and surprising me with them. (:Connie B 3 Roll 2-2blog ConnieB Set 4 Roll 3-15blog Connie B 3 Roll 2-1blog ConnieB Set 4 Roll 3-13blog ConnieB Set 4 Roll 3-12blog
I've lived in Arizona (off and on- you knew that) for over 8 years now and I haven't ever seen this awesome park with a cactus you want to climb.  There's also a giant spider web and rock climbing stuff my kids liked.  Summer, you were great; but, I'm so excited for fall and winter!