Tuesday, October 28, 2014

My Kid Friendly Halloween Decor + DIY

I love Halloween and I love decorating for holidays... but I have a hard time doing so when I have little kids that like to trash my stuff (unintentionally and intentionally).  So most of my decorations are "kid friendly" in that if they get ahold of it, it's not a huge deal.  The other thing with the decorations I put up is that I try to make them kid friendly in the sense that they won't have nightmares (or that I won't have nightmares).  I'm not big on bloody-gory halloween stuff anyway.
So here's what I whipped up this year: My kids love these decorations.  They loved helping me make some last year, this year, and they love just having it out.  I grew up with decorations up during the holidays so that's just what we do.

IMG_7507blog IMG_7575blog
I made that wreath with burlap ribbon and a wire wreath frame and embellished it with some stuff I got at Hobby Lobby.  The "halloween" letters below I got as a gift from my mom but I didn't like the color they came so I painted it to match my other decorations.
IMG_7573blog IMG_7509blog IMG_7511blog IMG_7513blog
I love these little halloween blocks I made this year.  I saw my sister had some at her house and that's where the idea came.
I got a thick board inside a package I got in the mail recently and decided to turn it into this "Boo" sign.  The other side has something Thanksgiving on it.
IMG_7514blog IMG_7526blog IMG_7538blog IMG_7537blog IMG_7559blog
I did a few crafts with the kids this year including painting some "trick or treat" cans with the boys (trick or treat was poked into the cans with a nail and they just painted it), I had them paint some big rocks to make them look like pumpkins, and we also made those lightweight spiders for our walls.  Here's how we did the spiders:
Large Pom-Pom Spiders DIY:
You need:
Large pom poms (super affordable at Hobby Lobby)
Black (or purple, or silver- be creative!) pipe cleaners
Hot glue gun

To make:
Take one large pom pom and put some hot glue on it- enough to secure four pipe cleaners and then put the other pom pom on top.  Push together firmly and for a little bit until the glue hardens enough. Then bend the legs and that's it!  You can even add googly eyes but I liked them better plain.  They are so lightweight it didn't take more than bending the legs a little around my frames to keep the up on the wall!  You can also use a push pin to keep on the wall.

Other random knickknacks:
My "eek" broke.  Eeh.  That's not how I feel about Halloween!  Remember this halloween table runner?  It works better on my TV table right now since goodness knows nothing but crumbs and spilled milk resides on my table these days.IMG_7523blog IMG_7521blog