Saturday, October 18, 2014

Fighting Human Trafficking

Admittedly, the first time I ever heard of human trafficking was when I saw the movie Taken for the first time.  Maybe I was naive and sheltered- but I like to think I was just exceedingly blessed to achieve that point in my life safely.  Well, I still count each day as a blessing that I am allowed to live and breath as I choose.  Unfortunately that is not the case for many of our sisters in this world.

I recently was introduced to the International Princess Project.  What an amazing company it is!  Did you know that over 3 million women and girls work as prostitutes on the streets of India?  It's heartbreaking- almost makes you feel hopeless.  Fortunately, there are people working to rescue these women and girls.  Why do you think some of these girls get into that world?  Some are taken- some are lied to and go- some do it out of desperation for money so they and their families can survive.  This is where the International Princess Project comes in...
They have established sewing centers for these women who have been rescued from the sex trade and give them the opportunity to work and support themselves- most importantly they find hope and healing.

PUNJAMMIES!  Adorable pj pants like the ones you see on me are what these women learn to make.  You can support the cause by purchasing your very own pair.  The proceeds return to grow the program.  I feel honored and humbled to wear these- to be reminded of hope and also humbled at the reality of things- that some people have it so hard and need our support and prayers.
As if the cause wasn't enough to go out and buy every pair they have, they are also EXTREEEEMLY comfortable!  I feel like I'm wearing sweats but making a fashion statement.
My 6 year old wasn't getting the full effect of these adorbs pants (although high five to him for still getting them in focus!)... so I jumped on my chair and broke my own rules to show you them top to bottom.  I CANNOT say enough about how comfortable these are.  I just might never take them off. IMG_7044blog
Great for lounging around, taking care of the babies, checking the mail, sleeping, and still feeling fabulous.  You can see me in them at Target or picking my kid up from school.  My new uniform.  I just wish everyone passing me by knew the story behind them.  We can share and spread the word!IMG_7024blog
My heart breaks for women who find themselves in the sex trade... but thankfully there are good souls in this world that work to rescue- and then amazing companies like the International Princess Project that give them hope at a brighter future.

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wholesouls2 said... Reply To This Comment

Though I knew the sex trade existed, I didn't know about the Princess Project. I will get me a pair to help these women turn their lives around! Thanks for sharing!

JED said... Reply To This Comment

I think Brody did a terrific job photographing you! You taught him well my daughter...

Brooke T said... Reply To This Comment

This is awesome! I'm going to check it out right now :)

Connie B said... Reply To This Comment

You're great!

Connie B said... Reply To This Comment

@JED He really did do a great job! He was rewarded (:

Connie B said... Reply To This Comment

@Brooke T Great! You're wonderful! xo