Thursday, August 21, 2014

Kenley's 2nd Birthday Soiree

I have to be honest, I hadn't given Kenley's 2nd birthday party THAT much thought.  I guess with having 4 kids now some things happen a little more suddenly and with less planning... and anyway I was prepared to do something more simple this year.  Then my husband planned a end-of-the-summer family BBQ and I realized it was the day before K's birthday!  So we just rolled the two together.  I got to collab with Tiny Prints on this.  I love their site!  They have sssoooOOOoooo many cute things to customize for really any occasion.  I was able to use a few of their lovely items for Kenley's birthday party and so instead of having something simple, we had a SOIREE!  (he he)
kenley's 2-
"K" stickers and ADORABLE pineapple invitation from Tiny Prints.kenley's 2-1 kenley's 2-2
You know me, I love to decorate for parties.  I decided since I had those awesome invitations I needed to do more.  I decided to make letters out of pipe cleaners for her cake topper, this pineapple garland to add to the party table to incorporate the invitations, among other things.  The color scheme ended up being silver, gold, black + white, and hot pink.
kenley's 2-3
I used the "K" stickers to close up these party favor bags.kenley's 2-4 kenley's 2-5 kenley's 2-6 kenley's 2-7
You better believe we had pina coladas in coconut cups for the "Summer Soiree!"  Super jealous of Annalynn's tan here.  I feel like I'm whiter now than when summer started! ha!kenley's 2-8. kenley's 2-8 kenley's 2-9 kenley's 2-10 kenley's 2-11 kenley's 2-12 kenley's 2-13
And of course no pool party is complete without a "relaxation-station".  Okay I just made that up, no one called it that.  heh heh.
I LOVE these custom pillows from Tiny Prints. We went with some Kenley-themed pillows, of course.kenley's 2-14 kenley's 2-15 kenley's 2-16 kenley's 2-17 kenley's 2-18 kenley's 2-19 kenley's 2-20 kenley's 2-21 kenley's 2-22 kenley's 2-23
My oldest baby has no top teeth!  I love it.kenley's 2-24 kenley's 2-25 kenley's 2-26 kenley's 2-27 kenley's 2-28 kenley's 2-29 kenley's 2-30 kenley's 2-31 kenley's 2-32 kenley's 2-33 kenley's 2-34 kenley's 2-35 kenley's 2-36
I had a lot of fun putting together Kenley's 2nd birthday party.  I don't know if any of my kids will care that I decorate and that kinda stuff but I enjoy it so it's worth it for that, too.  But I do think they love it by how they act when I'm making stuff or putting it up.  I love this spunky little 2 year old of mine.  Some moments I will say those "terrible two's" have arrived but for the most part she's still my angel.  She's so great.

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Mareen [eeny] said... Reply To This Comment

Sounds and looks like a wonderful party for your adorable little girl. Sometimes the simple things are the ones that are best and you can enjoy even more because you don't stress out about everything.
By the way, I am still in love with the name Kenley.

Connie B said... Reply To This Comment

@Mareen [eeny] Thanks so much Eeny!! xo