Wednesday, July 2, 2014

A Kenley Post

This sweetheart angel of mine needs her own post.  She is so happy all the time and such a wonderful helper, I just love her.  She's like her mama, always cleaning something.  That, or she will point out something that she feels NEEDS to be cleaned and says "Ewww, Ewww, Ewww!" until I clean it.  She will copy one word at a time that we tell her; and so, she is saying the cutest prayers now.  She also is OBSESSED with her "blankie", sucking her thumb, and her "puppy" (which she really means "cuppy" - her sippy cup).  She RUNS up to me when I come home from going anywhere and gives my legs the biggest hugs to the point that I could get tipped over.  She also chants.  Tony can attest to this... she'll either chant "MOM-MY! MOM-MY! MOM-MY" or "DA-DDY! DA-DDY! DA-DDY!" And rocks side to side from one foot to the other while saying it, it's hilarious.  Can you tell she can do no wrong in my eyes?  That's not true, she's started throwing her food on the floor after she's full.  That's not my favorite.  She really is a doll though, I am so grateful I get to be her mom.IMG_1303blog IMG_1300
She is so girly too... she cries when I take this necklace off of her.  She loves wearing necklaces and putting on shoes.  I wish I got a picture of her on Sunday wearing my heels but I'm confident I'll get another chance to capture THAT.IMG_1297 IMG_1271
We absolutely love this bag sent us!  Look, it's personalized!  This is called the kid's weekender bag and it's absolutely perfect for my Kenley.  Like I said, she is obsessed with a few things and so it will make bringing those things around town much easier now (i.e. blanket, cup, etc.)  Red envelope has a TON of cute kid and new baby gifts you can personalize, go check them out!IMG_1291 IMG_1279
This bag also has a removable strap which works great for her size right now and when she gets bigger it will be nice to have the shoulder strap.  When I first opened the package it smelled awesome of leather from the real leather detailing.  The zipper glides perfectly too.  I love this bag!  It will be perfect for when she has sleepovers at grandma's or her Aunt's house.IMG_1269 IMG_1304blog
And then of course we went to Churn for ice cream and she was able to take along her favorite things without dragging them on the floor this time (;IMG_1316blog IMG_1312