Monday, June 16, 2014

First roll with Contax 645

Those who have been following my blog for a while were there when I got my first camera and started my little business.  But what you don't know, what I never admitted, was that back when I started shooting I felt like I was horrible.  Even a couple years into it I was disappointed in myself.  My eye would be drawn to the work of others... and I never could understand how they achieved what they did.  I went to school and learned a ton and started to feel more comfortable!  In fact, at this point I'm beyond comfortable in my abilities.  Now I look at other's work and know what they did to get what they got- OR I know what they did wrong to fudge the shot.  I say this without boasting, but rather, just grateful for where I'm at right now.

Over the years I realized though that those favorite photographers of mine all had one thing in common- they shot film.
When I realized that, I was discouraged... but I did my best anyway with what I knew (digital).  To me, film was something foreign, something I would never go near.  I bought a Diana camera and thought I was getting my fill, but the quality of pictures is so crappy (they are meant to be), I got scared to work with it.  Film is unpredictable, it's easily damaged, you can't erase and try the shot again, "it's expensive" so you can't just shoot hundreds and erase your favorites without there being a huge expense involved.

But then this year happened.  2014 has been amazing for my business.  In fact, by the end of May I had twice as many shoots under my belt as I had done in all of 2013 combined.  That's huge.  Even though I've been so blessed and doing so well with my digital camera so many things were coming up that scared me.  All that time on the computer, my carpel tunnel flaring up, I couldn't keep up!  So the answer might've been to just take on less clients but really in the long run I realized I just can't shoot digital as much as I do.  Then it hit me.  WHY NOT SHOOT FILM!?  I won't go into the great "film vs. digital" debate because I love both mediums for different reasons... but at this point, I'm ready for a change.  For a challenge.

So I took the plunge.  I bought the Contax 645 (which is the camera all my favs use), a bunch of film, and I'm slowly teaching myself.  What you see below is all from my first try.  First roll of film.  I have to admit for my standards, they are all bloopers.  I'm so used to tack sharp images that digital brings, strong contrast, and vibrant colors.  But there's nothing like the softness and romanticism of film.  I like what my lab did to these scans, but I'm still working with them to create the look that takes my breath away.  I've adjusted some things as far as my camera is concerned... it's all a process... but I'm so excited to be doing what I've always wanted to do.  Finally.

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So what am I getting at?  Because I'm learning and growing with film still I want to eventually do a giveaway!  I don't know when, but sooner than later, I'll be announcing a giveaway for a session with me- and my new camera (:
I will be announcing it on Instagram sometime!  @connieballuff
By the way, I totally left Instagram last summer and just got back a few weeks ago.  I lost all my followers and people who I followed.  ACK!  I can't remember everyone so please go say hi if I have not found you on IG again yet.

ALSO, in my last miniature post I mentioned changes.  This is one of those changes but there's moooore..... (;  Stick around.

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Mareen [eeny] said... Reply To This Comment

so good to have you back in blogworld.

your pictures are amazing. i really love your style. oh and your kids are just too cute.

can't wait to hear/see about your changes and see you find your way into what you always wanted to do.

Justine De Guida said... Reply To This Comment

I have been following your blog for so long and I am so happy to see you posting again! I have always been inspired by your photography. I too made the switch from digital to film (Contax 645 and a flurry of other 35mm/instant film cameras) and have not looked back! Most liberating thing you can do :) Excited for your new journey!

Courtney B said... Reply To This Comment

It's just weird and creepy to admit how much I loved seeing a blog post from you! I always looked up to you as a mom and creative woman and adored your blog! I rarely have time to read blogs these days so thank goodness for IG (and that you're back on it!)
I still hope to meet you someday and have you take pictures of my fam :)

Connie B said... Reply To This Comment

Thank you so much! You've always been so sweet to me. I can't wait to share either (:
@Mareen [eeny]

Connie B said... Reply To This Comment

Thank you for your comment! Your pictures are awesome too! I'm so excited, film is so fun. The only thing I dislike at this point is waiting to see the results for a week or two. lol!@Justine De Guida

Connie B said... Reply To This Comment

I love it! Thanks for following a long and being so sweet to me! Someday we will definitely meet!@Courtney B

Jessica said... Reply To This Comment

These are so beautiful! I have always loved the soft look of film :) So glad to see you back!