Wednesday, February 15, 2012

a simple valentine's day

We decided this year to keep it simple, no gifts.  I woke up to a kiss on my cheek but Tony was long gone out the door for work when I got up.  There was beautiful snow everywhere outside and when I came downstairs there was a sweet note and candy for me.  Throughout the morning I found sweet notes. We met up for lunch, and when he came home to drive together, he brought me flowers.  We had a nice lunch and later after he came home from work I wanted to surprise him with a little something too.
Brody helped me put the hearts out (they led Tony from the garage door to our room).  The kids were certainly with us celebrating the day, so I thought it was fitting to include them.  So "be ours"!  (:  We ALL love daddy- and Brody really loved surprising him and writing him a card.  He especially enjoyed eating the conversation hearts off the card I made for Tony.  I was surprised I got to use that many hearts for his card- the bag was filled with quite variety, all very fitting for us (of course no "fax me" but definitely a "my girlz"... I didn't use that one, haha.)  I thought about sharing what I came up with- because I was proud of it!  But it's too special, sorry (;
you can tell I took my time cutting out the letters, lol.  A lot of my stuff is packed already but I made do.
Tony wanted to go out and get me a little treat but we all decided to go, and then picked up dinner.  Tony insisted I not have to cook, which was fine by me.  Later that night when the kids were asleep we watched a movie and ate our dessert (he got me cheesecake since it has sounded so good to me lately).  He also wanted it to candlelight but I had a massive headache all day (pregnancy related) so I decided I'd rather eat it by movie light.  He told me all sorts of wonderful things about me (before dessert since I dashed his candlelight plan and was going to tell me then).  It was sweet, it reminded me of when he proposed.  I'm so blessed to have Tony- he is really a wonderful man.  He sang a song to me, videoed it, and sent that as a text earlier during the day.  I loved it.  Those little gestures are worth more to me than anything.
It was a great day.

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Mars said... Reply To This Comment

Sweet and simple. You guys are the cutest!!

Britt @ The Magnolia Pair said... Reply To This Comment

That is just so cute! How sweet that he sang you a song too! If only i could get him to sing to me. I have to beg him to play the piano (which he does well).
Glad you guys had such a wonderful valentines day!

Meagan Murtagh said... Reply To This Comment

ok, those little hearts on the floor are too good.

xo the egg out west.

Kell said... Reply To This Comment

It's so simple that it's perfect. I love how little gestures can make you just as happy as big presents! It sounds like you guys had a great valentines day.

Shades of Gray said... Reply To This Comment

Sounds perfect! I enjoy the simple celebrations just as much as the grand ones.

Blytheponytailparades said... Reply To This Comment

This is just too darling!!!!!

The Bluths said... Reply To This Comment

i'm obsessed with your blog!

Mrs. Pancakes said... Reply To This Comment

this is too cute!