Thursday, February 2, 2012

pregnancy update no.2

People are probably wondering how far along I am- but I'm not telling (yet).  It's just because I don't know for sure!  I won't know until I get a sonogram.  For now we only have a rough idea based on the pregnancy calculator method.  It's funny because I completely believed that method the first time around with Brody.  It didn't dawn on me that it might actually change (i believe everything doctors tell me).  So at our 20 week gender reveal/sonogram it did.  It only got pushed back by two measly days but still.  I just want to be sure I'm really due when I think I am before I spread it around.  With that said, I'm in the "is she?" stage... but really, since Hyrum is so small I'm sure people just think I'm in the "she hasn't lost her baby weight yet, stage".  haha.  This stage is hard for me to be in because I'm always worried I'm showing too soon- or I'm having twins because I feel ginormous- or I just look chubby and no one knows why other than she likes her food.  Nothing wrong with that, I guess!  But I like the "oh, she's preggo stage" because then people are more understanding, open doors for you, and offer you their chair.  Chivalry is not dead people... you just have to be visibly pregnant (;
So as luck would have it these past few weeks have been a HUGE improvement!  I still feel kinda gross each day but that is slowly improving- as has my tolerance for most smells.  I had some headaches here and there since my last update but nothing major.  I have been really tired but I've decided my therapy for that is more exercise.  I'm happy to report I have not thrown up once!  Which is wonderful considering how my 2nd pregnancy went.  I was this||close to last week when I sprayed chloraseptic in my mouth because of a sore throat but I would've gagged on that pregnant or not.  As far as the old wives tales go I should be having a girl since my cravings revolve around sweet things and what cuteness I had seems to be robbed from me entirely. ha!  But I'm not putting too much stock in those.  And either way I'll be happy with what I'm having.  Although a girl would be a fun new adventure, no doubt. (Plus I like the name we have... I've been dying for 5 years to use it!)
So anyway... to me, I'm showing.  Depends on the outfit of course but if it's form fitting I sure am.  It seems early but then again I remember thinking that with Hy, my second.  They say you show sooner with each pregnancy (have I mentioned that before?  It's a fact I want everyone to be aware of when they see me!  And don't judge.)  Sadly, I'm freakin' starving 24 hours of the day so that sucks.  I never had that with my boys!  Small meals and snacks throughout the day help.  You're supposed to eat like that anyways, right?  Maybe it has to do with the cold too, why I'm so hungry...because I'm freezing cold all the time (tony doesn't get why).  Just another reason I need Arizona in my life.  Less than four weeks until departure!  Ah!

I thought I'd want to document the small growth in the beginning but I decided it's kinda pointless since not a whole lot changes.  But I think you can see more of a belly than you did last month.  Don't mind my lazy stay at home outfit (I just threw on a scarf and shoes to make me look more presentable for picture's sake... but don't be fooled, they weren't there before).

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salena said... Reply To This Comment

umm..cutest stay at home mom outfit? that is a going out outfit for me:p i dont even want to tell you what i'm wearing-or not wearing, hah!
Connie you always look so perfect pregnant! and dont worry you're showing, in the best're all belly!

melanie said... Reply To This Comment

Def. showing more this week! And adorable might I add! I hate the "I just look fat" stage, but I was surprised at some people (strangers) that guessed I was pregnant in that stage!

Britt @ The Magnolia Pair said... Reply To This Comment

You are so cute! Love your outfit! I've been on the hunt for a denim shirt. Love your style!!


Carlie said... Reply To This Comment

That is such a cute outfit! And I like your little prego belly too!

Karm said... Reply To This Comment

Oh my!! Look at you. You are gorgeous!! And I looove the lil belly. I think the showing early after the first child is true... after 4 kids, I think I still am showing haha jk but that is just me.
Yay!! Arizona misses you... and if you can email me soon regarding a photo session (:

Jessica said... Reply To This Comment

I think your belly definitely looks pregnant and not like you've eaten too much! I felt like I started to show around 8 weeks (and this is my first!) Glad your starting to feel better! :)

Rebecca said... Reply To This Comment

You are adorable! Cutest baby bump ever!

Leticia said... Reply To This Comment

you can definately see a bump forming! i'm glad you are feeling better and based on when you announced and how much you're showing i'm gonna say an early to middle of august baby! am i right? i'm so nosey, but we're like bf's now right! haha.

Whitney said... Reply To This Comment

You look so cute. I cant wait to see it in person! Thanks for making me feel awful about my lazy stay at home outfit that Im wearing right now. Now I will hang my head in shame forevah. ;)

TheUnlostWanderer said... Reply To This Comment

You are definitely showing, and it's adorable! Congrats on your pregnancy! :D

MelissMichelle said... Reply To This Comment are lovely AND adorable! Congrats on your baby! -Melissa

amy said... Reply To This Comment

Aww, your super cute!!!!!

Anonymous said... Reply To This Comment

Yay for a pregnancy update. You look awesome :)

Brenden+Nikki said... Reply To This Comment

Ha ha now that I have spoken up as a follower on your blog and know we're in the same exact boat I love reading these posts because I can totally relate! (I live in Mesa too BTW). Anyway, I think you're showing, but it's way cute! And I've shown earlier with each baby too. In fact with this one someone straight up asked my husband at church if we were expecting and said that he knew because he could see my "new baby bump" um.....I was 9 weeks at the time!! Ha ha gutsy comment buddy! But I like showing so I didn't mind too much. And I had to laugh too about people still thinking it's leftover from Hyrum. We just had our ultrasound last week and my daughter is going to be 1 in two weeks....but she's super tiny (literally 15 pounds) so people were staring while we were in the waiting room with her and my son and holding our ultrasound pics. Ha ha yes people! We're pregnant again! And we did it on purpose! :)

P.S. I wish I looked that cute in my SAHM outfits.

Kaitlyn said... Reply To This Comment

You have the cutest little bump!!!!!

In our sea of love

BF said... Reply To This Comment

What lovely photos! And that DIY project is so sweet and easy!

April and Mark said... Reply To This Comment

Totally showing, and definitely in an adorable pregnant belly kinda way!

Erin said... Reply To This Comment

most drs wil tell you even though they give you a due date it can be off by seven days either way. there is no definite way to know. through both pregnancies my date was changed a ton.

Lyndsay said... Reply To This Comment

Congrats on baby # 3, thats so exciting!!!