Saturday, February 11, 2012

When you're pregnant, you're pregnant.

My huge problem this pregnancy has been my aversion to health food...okay back up... that's not true.  I just felt like saying aversion.  HEALTHY food sounds tasty!  I just can't afford it. ha!  No seriously, I could go for soy milk and expensive cereal- greek yogurt or pom juice just about every meal.  Organic everything!  Wouldn't that just be dandy.  (Why does ramen have to be twelve cents and a single pomegranate is two bucks or more, non organic even?)  Anyway, but did you see a pattern there?  ALL my cravings have been centered around sweets!  And that's the huge problem.  (I'm not normally this bad- I have a sweet tooth like anyone else but not like this.)  It's funny too, because with Hyrum, I was ALL about PICKLES and BANANA PEPPERS and JALAPENOS!  Anything savory or spicy.  THIS time I can go for a stack of chocolate chip smothered pancakes with peanut butter AND syrup all over.  

It better not catch up to me.
So what does this mean?  Am I having a girl!?  hahahahaha!  If only it were that easy to tell.  No, I'm not putting any stock into that theory (old wives tale).  Honestly Brody and Hyrum's pregnancies were so night and day I wouldn't be surprised if I was having another little boy because it doesn't matter what the gender is- just every experience is different.  Although don't get me wrong, a girl DOES sound like a lot of freaking fun right about now.  Something new!  But from my experience little boys are seriously amazing.  Plus, it's kinda nice to go behind a tree and let my kid whiz in the winter air rather than freak out that the bathrooms are "closed for the season" because of potential for pipes to freeze.  Yeah, I don't even know what I'd do if my little girl had to pee and there were no bathrooms... if she's anything like me she won't be down with squatting behind a tree.

Wow.  I got off on a major tangent.  My point of all this?  GIMME A DOUGHNUT AND NO ONE GET'S HURT!!

(Says my raging hormones.)

But also, really?  I mean, discontinuing my favorite valentines candy???  That was a low blow.  (And also another tangent that could've been left unsaid.)

Tony wouldn't stop making fun of the fact that I scarfed down a half dozen chocolate glazed kreme filled Krispy Kremes in a 12 hour period.  Nor can I forget how he went and got them for me... late at night... or the ICEE he had to drive out of his way to get for me... twice.  Or... actually I think that's all so far.  Which is quite a lot (seeing is I'm only about coughcough weeks along).  Will I continue the trend and gain MORE weight with this pregnancy?  Goodness knows the number went up from my first to my second.  (Although in all fairness I didn't gain enough when I was preggo with B- my doctor had to ASK me to eat bowls of ice cream every night.  No lie.  What I would give to hear that again...)

I chalk it up to being constantly busy with the boys that a girl just needs to keep her energy.  Did I mention I have been eating shredded wheat for breakfast?  (I don't have to tell you it's heavily drizzled in honey, do I?)  Okay, I'm really going to stop now... no one is going to respect me after this.

But what I can say is, the other week, I was freaking out over wanting a chocolate shake (and we went home after I decided I didn't want one, but then took two steps out the car and realized I DID want one) we went back and got one.  That, AND a full burger and fries meal.  I mean, we love Homerun Burger!  We had to eat there one last time.  
So my point?  Other than the fact that Fatty Mcfatterson wanted more healthy treats?  Well, there was a family there, at Homerun, staring me at the face, (or maybe it was me who was staring at them) and they had FOUR count them:  F-O-U-R boys... all sitting there eating their poor parents out of house and home.  I couldn't help but think that was going to be me.  For a second I was scared out of my wits, but then how stinking cute were they, really?  Stinking cute, I say.  I mean, what do you think?  Am I just in denial that my body is capable of making a little firey, emotional mini-me (girl), because it hasn't yet?  That may be it... yeah... maybe.  Well, at least I don't have to wait THAT much longer to know what's growing in me.
Ay yi yi this wait is killing me, though.  More than ever, it's killing me.  Literally.

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Mallory said... Reply To This Comment

Nothing sounds good my pregnancy. If I eat it once I can't eat it again. I am running out of food to eat. When I was pregnant with my little girl the only thing that sounded good was junk food and shakes from in and out!

Also, I just did a 9pm run to the store for some donuts!

Can't wait till you find out what you are having!!

Anonymous said... Reply To This Comment

Oh I so relate!! Come June I'll have four boys in my house!! At least I got my girl first.. she says we're boy trapped. Oh, boy.. eat another doughnut and don't think about it. ;)

Bree Holloway said... Reply To This Comment

Hahaha! You make me laugh. :)
And at least you have the pregnant excuse. Ice cream always sounds good to me, even in the winter. The rest of my family thinks I'm crazy. Oh well. :)


salena said... Reply To This Comment

Oh 4 boys! I never thought i'd be a mom of 4 boys, ever! But the fact that they are so dang cute and funny makes it great! otherwise-yikes that would suck..ha jk! oh & I just fought 2 of my boys to eat barely anything on their plate. maybe i should appreciate this time-cause with hearing that they will want to eat everything later-that kinda sounds like a bigger problem!

Karm said... Reply To This Comment

haha this was a fun post, because I can relate to that last paragraph in all ways. My sons do make my life utterly crazy sometimes, but I love it. And get this... I had to buy a bunk bed this weekend with another on the way... soon my home is gonna look like a boy's dorm room or something (:
AND... I am crossing my fingers you will have a girl. But then again, I agree with you on the squatting... being the only girl in this family, I am still thankful the boys are still young enough to drag into the girl's bathroom so I can do my business. haha Sometimes I wish there was a lil mini Karm here... ok no, not really, since I just realized I can't even fix hair... or pick our girly outfits haha
But still a lil girl for you would be wonderful. (:

Laura said... Reply To This Comment

Last summer I tought Cami to squat behind a tree. Best day ever. :) Hoping you get your girl...;)

Mars said... Reply To This Comment

I can't wait until I'm pregnant and I can indluge haha. I hope you get a girl!! But you make cute boys too so really it doesn't matter :)

brittany said... Reply To This Comment

i can relate to the preggy eating!! i could eat cheese day and night, unless you put something sweet in front of me and i'll shove it in my mouth right away. i didn't have much of a sweet tooth before! but now it's bad, real bad.