Wednesday, February 1, 2012

so cute

The problem I have with blogging, see, is all the blasted adorable stuff being hurled at my face right and left.  Seriously I have to avoid pinterest because it just means I will want to do this or make that or buy those or have that house and everysinglecutethinginside.  Arg.  Blogging makes me want stuff, I guess.  Weird.  Maybe I should quit?  Speaking of stuff, I'm jealous you guys are getting a shot at this necklace giveaway I'm hosting.  THAT'S CUTE TOO (I want one)!  ...But like, are we all done with giveaways around here?  Seems like it.  Anyway I'm rambling.  And I must get to watching a movie with Tony (whom is currently making a trek around town for me to gather miscellaneous items I'm craving... okay just one thing really... he's the greatest).  So when he get's back I want to be off this so I better just say...
I want these:

New TOM ballet flats.  I want them ALL!  Particularly these.

Just saying.  (Thanks again internet waving cute shoes in my face.  Just what I needed. counotgh.)