Sunday, February 26, 2012

hot & not: my weekend

I thought I'd share a few things that have made my weekend great!  And also... some things that were not-so-great (because it's funny).
::the Jose Villa LIKED a picture of mine on Instagram!!  He's only one of the most amazing photographers of our time.  I'm a huge fan.  He even said it was "beautiful!"  I didn't add that exclamation point either, that was all him.
::curling up on the couch with Tony and a taco bell soft taco for some Seinfeld late friday night.  We don't eat 2 dinners often, but sometimes it's fun to grab some late night junk. ha ha!
::NOT packing.  I'll probably regret it over the next two days before we leave but I needed a weekend off.
::I exchanged ONE thing at Target and was able to get four things instead.  Oh, the perks of the clearance rack.
::Oh that trip to Target?  I told Tony it was my "date with myself".  It was needed.  Although I did miss my boys by the time I got home.
::I rushed home too quick from my afternoon-to-myself (since I missed my boys, of course) and forgot to buy peanut butter.  I had to drive back later because goodness knows we can't go a day (meal) without it. ha!
::Taco Bell got rid of my favorite chalupa!  What the devil?  Maybe I'll write them a letter (;
::missing a fun birthday party since both my boys are sick.
::both boys being sick.  Brody is a surprisingly low maintenance kid when he's sick but Hy is so whiney!  It wears you out by days-end, but I just feel bad for him.
::I turned on the wrong burner and burned our main course while our veggies sat cold.  Splendid.
::our heater BUSTING!  Our house got to 50 degrees last night (which compared to outside wasn't too bad); but it's so freezing in here!  It should get fixed sometime tomorrow.  A whole weekend without heat?  Not awesome.  (But thanks to my sweet friend Laura, we've had space heaters to use in our bedrooms!)

I hope you've had a great weekend!  Feel free to do a similar post and share (: