Sunday, February 5, 2012

DIY- quick & easy photo shoot prop

If you're a photographer or a person who get's their picture taken this applies to you.  Or if you want a valentines-ey decoration to hang up like I did this is for you.  So, it's for everyone (:
What you need:
Burlap (at least 1/4 yard)
scrapbook paper
glue gun
::I simply cut out each triangle, making them the same size, and tied each flag together with a string I pulled out of the leftover burlap strips.
::I printed out a font I liked on regular white paper and placed the paper over my scrapbook paper and traced (do this on a hard surface, and press firmly down.)  This made indents in the paper so I could see where I needed to cut since I didn't want ink on my actual paper for the banner.  Then I cut those letters out, and applied them to my burlap bunting with hit glue.  That's all!
::A little tip: burlap unravels easy.  So attaching the flags with a string was tricky and if you pull hard enough it may rip through (so I fixed this by hot gluing the ends together after tying.)
I made this for a photo shoot i did back in October.  Took me like five minutes.  Enjoy!
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