Friday, January 27, 2012

tricia visited us

My sister-in-law Tricia is on her way to South Africa to be amazing and volunteer in an orphanage amongst other things.  On her way there, she wanted to stop off to see us!  We love having family visit!  It was so great to spend a few days with her.  We had one very beautiful day and the rest were cold and rainy so we mostly hung out at home.  Plus Hyrum got pretty sick (still is).  But we did eat at a yummy restaurant and grab ice cream on another night.  I've been craving sweets a lot with this one.  I'm really trying to not think about it (;  We watched "Contagion" which from what I saw was good (I fell asleep at the end since I'm an old lady now and everything).  Anyway it was really nice seeing her!  P.s. Brody insisted on taking a picture of Tricia and I but it didn't turn out so well.  I posted it anyway.  Oh, and how do you like Brody's ensemble below?  He insists on putting that toy around his waist as a belt sometimes.... three, almost four year olds are great.
By the way, I've really appreciated the feedback on my last post!  One of these days I'll hopefully get around to thanking you personally.   But for now, thanks for sharing your experiences and thoughts!