Sunday, January 8, 2012

Pregnancy Update, etc.

I want to update about my pregnancy progress biweekly (every fortnight, if biweekly is confusing;) this go round.  Maybe every Sunday?  Err.... we'll see how things go.  With Hyrum I did once a month or so but I want to get more gradual belly shots.  Okay... so even though I technically shouldn't be showing enough right now for people to even consider that I'm pregnant, I still want to document this stage of it all.  Some people feel it's proper to wait until you are safely in your 2nd trimester to share the news.  I say bologna.  I've heard a reason for this is so that incase they lose the baby they don't have to "un-tell" anyone.   (I really read this.)  To me, I'm going to share the news whenever I want!  It's in my best interest, really.  For one, if I were to lose the baby I would want support from friends and family about it- even if I was "only" a couple months along.  And secondly, I think people should know the reason behind the changes they are seeing in me.  I'll get to those.  There's enough I'm going through right now- even though I'm not showing or feeling the baby move- so an update makes perfect sense to me.
(like I said- probably not supposed to be showing.  If I am, it's probably the few extra pounds I picked up over the holidays so....)

There's a baby in me!  No doubt about it.  Pregnancy #1...a dream.  Pregnancy #2... kicked my trash.  This one I'm about the same as I was the 2nd time but not randomly violently ill.  Not yet (knock on wood).  Only, I AM constantly nauseous.  I can't even stand candles burning- most smells get to me, really.  The first several weeks I was insanely exhausted.  I fell asleep at the drop of a hat and desperately needed naps all the time.  I'm getting more energy back now- I just feel "yucky" (sorry.. mom word.)  Luckily the worst of it is in the morning hours.  Which un-luckily enough happens to be conflicting with a new years resolution I have to get ready for the day earlier than my kids.  (Anyone else stay in jammies way past breakfast?)  I'm working on changing that.  Side note.

That's really all there is to say about my pregnancy so far I guess.  Other than I'm still the same klutz I always was (the shiners on my arm and legs is proof of that- yes I fell down several stairs this morning in those death-traps some people call heels.)  I'm also an egg-head (but maybe that's not so new)... yes, I've been continually forgetful- although I have to give myself a little credit... I'm "all there" most of the time.  On to other news we FOUND A HOUSE!  I'm trying not to get too excited about it- we haven't signed the papers yet but it's so beautiful and perfect for us.  I really, really (really, really, really) hope it goes through.  That's where a lot of my focus has been lately- that and spending quality time with the family- all while trying not to lose my lunch.  We'll see how I manage once I have to pack our entire life up and drive a few states away to get where we are going.  Am I the only one who is anxious to turn the page and find out what's on the next chapter of our tale?  Ha ha.  Possibly.

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Anonymous said... Reply To This Comment

Connnie! I can't say congrats enough! I'm so excited for you. Hope you are feeling better. And yay for a house! 2012 really is gonna rock!

Kari said... Reply To This Comment

Okay first of all, you are adorable. And can I just say that you are the most refreshing pregnant woman -- you are realistic and admit it is hard, but are still so positive and cute about it all. I'm so happy you're having a number 3!

Darcie Santoyo said... Reply To This Comment

Oh I do not miss that morning sickness, i feel for yah. I'll cross my fingers for the house. How exciting!!

Venassa said... Reply To This Comment

Hope your nausea stage passes quickly.
I wish I would've taken belly photos more often during my pregnancy. It would be fun to watch the belly slowly grow, instead of just monthly.

Vivian said... Reply To This Comment

Congratulations!!! Thank you for sharing such wonderful news with us. You are so pretty and without a doubt will be such a pretty pregnant mama throughout the whole thing. I wouldn't be surprised if what you are having is a girl. I had the same symptoms with both of my girls, zero, nada with my son. Can't wait to go through this "journey" with you :)

Jennifer Blair said... Reply To This Comment

Woohoo! I'm excited to share in the journey with you!

Makay said... Reply To This Comment

You are precious! :)

Dumb Mom said... Reply To This Comment

Congrats! And you look adorable by the way!

Kaitlyn said... Reply To This Comment

Yayyy for babies! You are going to be one beautiful pregnant woman! Love the pictures, can't wait to read your journey through pregnancy. I am secretly jealous!!! lol Hopefully, you don't get ill and this pregnancy is smooth sailing! and yes i am still in jammies! hahaha! <3

In our sea of love

Sarah Ann said... Reply To This Comment

Oh, feel better! Morning (or anytime) sickness is so frustrating! But you look lovely!! :)

Sarah Ann said... Reply To This Comment

Oh, feel better! Morning (or anytime) sickness is so frustrating! But you look lovely!! :)

Alycia (Crowley Party) said... Reply To This Comment

you are looking wonderful! :) so pretty!

Bailey@Lost&Found said... Reply To This Comment

I just founds your blog! Congratulations!!! Your are adorable and these photos are so pretty! I think it's wonderful that you decided to start documenting right away. When I get pregnant i'll probably do the same! Congratulations again!


Leticia said... Reply To This Comment

Belly photos are such fun! Can't wait to see the coming changes. "Untelling" people was the hardest part of my miscarriage, especially my children. They had a hard time realizing there wasn't a baby in there anymore.Which caused heart break everytime I had to explain it. Yes, every woman has the right to announce when they want too, even the cautious who wait. I can't wait to hear where your new place will be!

amy said... Reply To This Comment

Yay! Again, congrats!! :)

Fingers are crossed for you about the new house!

christinerojas said... Reply To This Comment

A baby!!!! Ahhh congratulations :) and congrats on finding a house too!! Exciting news for your adorable family. I wish you guys the best and can't wait to follow the coming moths :)

skippysays said... Reply To This Comment

Congratulations!! I love that dress- so pretty!

Courtney B said... Reply To This Comment

You are GORGEOUS! Seriously, can I look as pretty as you when I'm pregnant? And while we're at....can I have your hair?
Anyway.... I would totally write you on FB for this part but I know you rarely use it. I completely forgot that you know exactly what I'm going through. Except yours is way more stressful because you've moved STATES away instead of just across the state. (Where are you moving this time? I missed the announcement...if you've shared?) So one question. Is it totally scary finding a place to live, signing a lease without ever seeing it? I just don't think Eric and I are going to make it down before he actually moves down so we'll be signing papers without ever seeing it. And I'm terrified. How did you do it?!

Anonymous said... Reply To This Comment

You are seriously the most adorable pregnant lady ever!

Mars said... Reply To This Comment

1. I'm DROOLING over that dress. And with those red shoes...perfection
2. You are the cutest preggo girl ever to walk the planet. Well you are gorgeous pregnant or not (no fair!)
3. Hope your house goes through, that's super exciting! Love how much you move and experience new things.

Kimberly Bonham said... Reply To This Comment

You are gorgeous!
I am loving your blog.
New follower :)

Ruthiegyll said... Reply To This Comment

you look beautiful!

Aaron and Jeanette Radmall said... Reply To This Comment

Where did you get your dress!!!! I need one! You look amazing. Did I mention I really need that dress?