Wednesday, January 11, 2012

27 things I love about him

Today is very special!  Happy birthday to the love of my life and my best friend Tony!  My life has been so much more exciting and happy since you came along.  I'm so grateful for you.

He's only 7 months older than me so I can't make cracks at his age so instead I want to list the many things I love about him.  This will be easy...
1. I love that we keep in touch throughout the day.  When he goes off to work I know I'll hear from him a few times before he gets home for the day.  I love that he thinks of me- or has so much to say to me- and just can't wait till he gets home.  I LOVE his little texts, calls, or messages when we play words with friends.

2. He's hilarious!  I've never laughed more with anyone than I do with Tony.

3. He's compassionate.  He has a soft spot for people who have visibly hard lives and it makes him that much more grateful for the abilities he has.

4. So going along with #3 he's grateful.

5. He's spiritual.  He loves the gospel and does a great job at living the way he should.  He loves going to church and having family night, and more.

6. He's everyone's friend.  He really is so nice to everyone!

7. He's into sports.  To me, there's a fine line where too much is too much- and then just below it is love for sports.  I think that's where Tony is, and I find it endearing.  I love watching sports with him (particularly live though) and I love that he likes to play sports and catch with me.

8. He likes to play!  So in addition to playing sports with me he also likes to play board games or cards- and especially kinect with me.  He bought me my own pink XBox controller so I'd play with him but video games aren't really my thing, but he still loves me. (;  I do like kinect or Wii though!  And we have fun doing that together.

9. He's smart.  Street smart, book smart... all of it.

10. He's ambitious.  You should SEE what he's going into with his career next.  He's excited to take a stab at something new and risky- and he's got A LOT of drive behind him to make it really successful.

11. What optimism is in my book is realism to him.  He has such a positive attitude about life in general; where, sometimes I expect the worst.

12.  He's so chill!  Maybe it's that I'm a girl, or whatever, but I overanalyze things sometimes and he tells me to just relax.  Even when, in my opinion, he has a reason to be upset about something he just sluffs it off and goes on with his life.  He doesn't let other's get to him- I love that!

13. He's a family man.  When he comes home he welcomes US (although it really should be the other way around- and we try to make it so) and he goes right to wrestling the boys and helping me with whatever I might need.

14. He thinks of me.  He will randomly bring me home a candy bar- or leave notes around the house for me- or come up behind me and give me a shoulder massage.  It's really the little things- and he's amazing at those.

15.  He's musical!!!  I LOOOOOVE this (I love everything but you know).  I play the piano and he plays the guitar and SINGS (I know right?)  The sexiness of that alone, I can't even explain.  I mean, it was his music that attracted me to him initially and really the reason why I ever met him.  I love that when he listens to my bits and pieces of songs I have on GarageBand he goes on about how great they are.  He also talks about how someday when we finally get the equipment- we're going to record songs together.  He really is so fun to jam with.
16. He knows how to treat a pregnant woman.  He's ALWAYS sweet and kind but when I'm pregnant he takes extra special care of me, as I think it should be (Pregnancy was once said to be an "ailment" afterall.  haha).  He's put blankets over me on the couch several times lately and encouraged me to nap while he watches the kids, etc.

17. He's not handy.  Haha!  I mean, usually I'm the one assembling the dressers or painting furniture (which I actually in a weird way enjoy so we work)... but I think it's funny he doesn't like or care to "fix things".  He's cute

18.  Oh yah, HE'S CUTE!  Duh.

19.  In the early stages of our marriage, where we almost had zero money to pay our bills and I was stressed about it he said, "yeah, but isn't it kinda fun!?  To be super poor and be forced to scrimp and save?"  Um.....I think I fell in love even harder at that moment.  I'll never forget how it made me feel when I heard that and saw his smile.  That just showed me right then and there that no matter what he and I went through I knew I could be happy.  I have a wonderful man who looks at EVERYTHING in a positive way!

20.  He puts other's first.  He likes to give service to other people.

21. He's silly.  This is a big one!  He does funny dances randomly, has conversations with me in british accents, and sings in the most hilarious voices.  He's also really good at impressions.  I love having someone who can be silly with me- and show me how to be silliER.

22.  He likes to see me in PAIN!  haha not really.  But he knows that I'm claustrophobic and he messes with me.  I think it's cute, actually;)  He LOVES to hug me tight with my face in his chest and squeeze little by little until I can't stand it anymore.  It's funny cause I usually don't notice till he says what he's doing then I FREAK!  Yeah he's evil (;

23. He's so energetic and eager to get out and go places with me even after a long day's work.  I love that

24.  He loves my cooking!  In fact he asked me to cook for his birthday meal rather than go out. A huge compliment!

25.  He's honorable and trustworthy.  I'm grateful to be in a relationship I don't worry about.  I don't worry about his love for me- I know without a doubt he's 100% committed to me and our family.  One of my favorite things is to listen to him talk about "when we're grandparents..." and just hear him talk about our distant future together.  I love that.

26.  He listens to me and cares about my thoughts and opinions on big issues or decisions.

27.  What can I possibly say to wrap up?  I'M NOT DONE!  haha.  I'll just finish with he's romantic.  He does sweet things for me and thinks about how he can get me alone on special dates and plans surprises OFTEN!  In fact he had one brewing for a month and soon we get to go out on this very special date in a couple weeks.  I can't wait!  He knows how much I want to go to Paris (and have wanted to ever since I was in the French club in 9th grade) and he said he'll take me! (When we have the money and babysitter, that is;)

Happy 27th Birthday, Tony.  You are the best there is.

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Christa Cox said... Reply To This Comment

TOOOO cute!

Natasha said... Reply To This Comment

Awesome list! Happy birthday :)

Amanda M. said... Reply To This Comment

Happy birthday to your sweet man!

Karm said... Reply To This Comment

awe this is the sweetest post. Happy Birthday Tony!!!

Eeny said... Reply To This Comment

Happy birthday to Tony.

This is the sweetest post, Connie. The two of you seem to be the perfect match. I am so happy for you.

Eeny said... Reply To This Comment

Oh by the way, I'd come babysit for your trip to Paris. I am a pro =)

Tony said... Reply To This Comment

Well thank you babe! This was a very sweet post and I really enjoyed this surprise when I went on your blog just now! You are the best and I love you!

Olivia.Dee said... Reply To This Comment

what a sweet post! and I see that you surprised him with it! even better!

Rebecca said... Reply To This Comment

Aw, I love love! So glad you guys are so happy. Happy Birthday to your boo!

Laura said... Reply To This Comment

I was really impressed with #19. All around, he sounds like a really great guy. Happy Birthday, Tony! Good luck with your new adventures!

salena said... Reply To This Comment

That was a sweet list! I could say a few of those same things about wonder why they are friends:) Tony is a great guy..happy birthday!

Darcie Santoyo said... Reply To This Comment

haha awesome, he sounds great. Hope its a good birthday :)

Sarah Ann said... Reply To This Comment

What a cutie idea. Maybe I'll start doing this for the gent!


Vivian said... Reply To This Comment

He DOES sound like the perfect man :) I'm sure you deserve him as much as he deserves you. Hope you enjoyed his day.

Anonymous said... Reply To This Comment

Happy birthday Tony!!

Shalyn said... Reply To This Comment

I LOVED reading this! It reminded me so much of my husband- especially the one about being claustrophobic! He did that to me today, actually! So glad you have yourself someone as special as you are- happy birthday Tony!

Britt @ The Magnolia Pair said... Reply To This Comment

I think I just fell in love with your blog. Every post is so interesting and has a great story! SO glad I stumbled across your blog so I could follow you!! Congrats on number three! And I love your bangs, makes me want to trim mine shorter!

XO. Britt
The Magnolia Pair


wholesouls2 said... Reply To This Comment

Lovely post sweetie, and when you come visit us in Germany during sometime in the next 3 years, you two can travel to Paris, and I will be your babysitter! I would love that! Love, Mom, Momma Nelson, Grandma Nelson

Jennifer Blair said... Reply To This Comment

This is possibly the sweetest thing ever! Happy birthday to you sweet hubby!

Overthinking Mama said... Reply To This Comment

so cute!!! you are lucky and he's lucky to have you!

Tricia said... Reply To This Comment

Lovely tribute, Connie! I'm glad Tony married you and brought you into our family:)

Mars said... Reply To This Comment

you guys are the cutest! Sounds like a perfect pair and you complement each other nicely :) Man where are more guys like THAT. They must all be taken...or hiding lol.

Courtney B said... Reply To This Comment

Happy belated Birthday to your Tony! You two are the cutest couple ever.... perfection :)
Thank goodness we have amazing men in our lives!

amy said... Reply To This Comment

Awww, sweet post!!

PS. I'm claustrophobic, too! :)