Friday, January 20, 2012

2011 in film

So I decided since film is expensive, and exposing it is expensive, I would use ONE roll for the entire year of 2011.  The roll has 12 images on it, so it would be perfect right?  Unfortunately these are more like bloopers than pictures.  I'm not sure what happened HERE (can I blame it on the new place I took it to?) but every time I get my hands on film and my diana I seem to screw it up.  Sadly, only five images -FIVE- were salvageable from the twelve.  Not the grandiose reveal I had in mind (exposing film is supposed to be exciting right?) but they are pretty cool, still, in their messed up, light-leaked kinda way.  (Although, it's true, the two family pictures are completely pointless to save.  Yet...)
1. California trip when I took both my bros engagement pictures
2. Baby (BABY!)  Hyrum who accompanied me on said trip
3. You can't tell, it took me a second to make it out too, but this is our family in front of the huge baseball bat at the Louisville Slugger Museum.  See pictures you can actually make out of that day here.
4. I turned 20(something) and these were mah-balloons
5. A good picture of the zamboni, a bad picture of our family when we went Ice-skating in DC on Thanksgiving.

Shall we give it another go, Diana?  I'm not ready to throw in the towel yet... I WILL get a full roll out of this.  One of these days.  Let's get us some common sense electrical tape for the leaks or something.  Oy vey.

11 lovely comments:

kenli said... Reply To This Comment

i absolutely LOVE the balloon one! these are very cool i think!

Darcie Santoyo said... Reply To This Comment

I think they're cool :) Love the first one

Anonymous said... Reply To This Comment

Despite the fact that not all 12 developed ... they are still lovely :)

Makay said... Reply To This Comment

You will get it! :) Keep trying.
The first one is really cool though!

Jazmyn Alexandria said... Reply To This Comment

I actually really love them! I'm sorry that they didn't all come out though! I think I might start doing this though. I love film but like you said it's sooo expensive!!

Love, Jazmyn

Kari said... Reply To This Comment

That balloon photo is my favorite. I love the roughness of each of them. Even if it wasn't ideal, it is still success in my book!

elledoubleyouu said... Reply To This Comment

The last two turned out especially awesome! I love how there seems to be more than one image layered on top of each other. A good reveal after all! :)

♥ LW

amy said... Reply To This Comment

Ooh, I love the first one!!

The Egg said... Reply To This Comment

i LOVE the balloon one. so cool!
the egg out west.

Anonymous said... Reply To This Comment

Is it weird that I love these?? So neat! Don't give up on Diana yet!

SARAH said... Reply To This Comment

oh I have film disasters alll the time! It's such a disappointment, but it's a nice reminder in a time of instant digital photography about how moments are for remembering, not just photographing.