Wednesday, December 28, 2011

We celebrated.

I think one of the only things we know to do to celebrate news such as this is to eat.  So eat we did!  But of course, with so many new adventures coming up next year (big move, 'nother baby) we decided to go cheap and get wings at B-dubs on Tuesday, when the wings are on special.  I wouldn't have blogged about it but when I thought about it, my memories of celebrating the first two kids pregnancies is super fuzzy.  So it'll be nice to remember what we did.
It snowed that morning and it was beautiful... the pictures don't hardly do it justice. I wish it would stick one of these times...

In addition to these clothes we were also sent others for the boys from Haddad Brands.
Brody's Levi's Shirt c/o Haddad Brands
Hyrum's Nike gloves c/o Haddad Brands
I think all celebrations should involve eating.
By the way- thank YOU, dear friends, for being excited with me and for all your congrats.  I appreciate so much all the love I get on this little blog of mine.  I'm grateful to have some wonderful, genuine real life friends as well as blog friends.  Thanks for making blogging & life in general fun.  Thanks, just thanks!  K, done being sappy (is a pregnant woman, ever done though? ;)