Thursday, December 29, 2011

Our wonderful Christmas day.

This year, Christmas was so wonderful.  I couldn't stop saying what a perfect day it was.  And Tony too kept saying what a success everything was.  I was actually really excited to see what Christmas- just us four- would be like.  It was our first time just us.  We've always either traveled to Virginia to see my family or we'd spend a large part of the day with Tony's fam in AZ.  We love seeing our family on Christmas- it's almost not the same without them around during the holidays.  But I really loved this year.  All day was spent focusing on Christ and on each other- no distractions or plans.  We woke up bright and early and got B up so he could see/open his stocking and Santa present before church.  We all did that- ate our traditional cinnamon rolls, then got ready for our 9am church.  It was a white-ish Christmas....with that famous Kentucky morning frost.  Ha.  Church was just an hour that day so we got home early enough that it still felt like "Christmas morning".  We all got back in our jammies and stayed in them for the rest of the day.  I actually really wish every Christmas could fall on a Sunday and include all that it did.  I loved it!  Our family was beyond generous and awesome- and many sent us and the boys some really amazing things.  Thank you, guys!!  And Tony was more than thoughtful with his gifts to me as well.  I actually cried a time or two.  And laughed- and cracked up- and pretty much had the best. day. ever.
Remember Halloween?  Brody's been a fan ever since.  He LOVES this mask from Grandma.  He got lots of other Darth Vader stuff in his stocking too, that he was asking for all month.
And that book was the gift that made me cry.  Tony said he spent 8 hours filling the whole thing out.  It was just a book he found at a bookstore- it has everything in it and I'm really going to cherish this gift for the rest of my life.  
Below was all the old fashioned candy I found around.  I thought it would be fun to do old fashioned stockings so the boys got original G.I. Joe dolls action figures, vintage ties, and that candy.  I couldn't make it all old fashioned... but I think they were happy about that.  They got their recees trees, and more familiar stuff.  I had my fun though.
Then this is the gift that made me crack up... my very own snuggie, FAIL book, and reading light!   Bahaha!  Yay!
For linner (early dinner, late lunch, you know..) we moved to the dining room since it's was a special occasion and all.  Not wanting to risk carpet stains however, I pulled out some old sheets for protection.  We're classy like that.
There goes Brody filling up on olives...
 Brody's new favorite face.... he does it because I crack up when he does.  He's such a pleaser (:  He also, out of nowhere, thanked me for making Christmas dinner.  Such a sweetie.  Tony cut me a HUGE slice of ham as thick as a "pork chop".  I surprisingly finished it ALL but then unsurprisingly didn't eat another meal after this.
BEHOLD:  my first ever attempt at a YULE LOG!  
Eh? Eh?  What do ya thiiiink....?
Brody said, "This cake is fuuun!"  Tony was mighty impressed- as was I.  He said it would be perfect to take to family Christmases since it looked so real/awesome.  Actually I believe his exact words were "This looks pretty amazing!"  Then later, "you did GOOD this Christmas... Remember you were all nervous."  Yes, yes I was nervous.  I've never done a Christmas dinner alone- and the Yule Log was a first too.  So I'm proud of myself.  I was mostly nervous though since the cake only had four ingredients to it.  Errr.... can that be right?  Although the taste was great- I still think I'll go for a different recipe next year, if I do one.  I'm sure there is better out there.  And I would also definitely put less cream filling.  Too rich, too rich.  Anyway, I don't think these pictures show it the greatest, so I'm sad we were the only ones to witness the log.  But nevertheless, here it is.  
Best Christmas ever!!!  How do they keep getting better, I wonder!?

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kenli said... Reply To This Comment

we realized holiday's are way better when it's just the family and there's no stress to clean up and be in any sort of rush. looks like you had a fantastic day :)

and the yule log? amazeballs.

p.s. i've been out of the loop for a while, but congratulations on the big news!! how fun!

Anonymous said... Reply To This Comment

Love his little eyes peeking out of the Darth Vader mask, so cute!

Your yule log is crazy cool! I can only imagine what my family would say if I showed up with one of those. :-)

Glad you had a great holiday!

Erin said... Reply To This Comment

I don't even know where to start.....your Christmas pictures are amazing! What a special and fun time with your family....and I l love that bow! I rocked mine on Christmas too! :)

Amira said... Reply To This Comment

All of these photos are so gorgeous! I love your snuggie and wellie boots!!! :-)

melanie said... Reply To This Comment

you saved the best for last, that YULE LOG...ah-mazing!

Kaitlyn said... Reply To This Comment

You've been tagged

check it out here

LOVE all the photos girly!

Amanda said... Reply To This Comment

i love your family picture by the tree! love your boots too! :)

Brooke said... Reply To This Comment

What a wonderful Christmas you have! I love your church outfit and your tree and the presents underneath..well I just love everything! That Yule log looks amazing by the way!

Anonymous said... Reply To This Comment

What a wonderful Christmas! The Yule log does look awesome! Recipe?

Carlie said... Reply To This Comment

I am in love with that green skirt!
It looks like you all had a fantastic Christmas. That Yule log looks pretty tasty!

Rebecca said... Reply To This Comment

Love your pencil skirt! Also, those hunter boots look awesome!!

mel said... Reply To This Comment

oh my goodness... your christmas was dreamy! you are incredibly talented! i hope you know that. thanks for sharing your beautiful christmas memories and pretty pretty pictures!

Jennifer Blair said... Reply To This Comment

Perfect Christmas? I think so! Your yule log looks amazing!

Mrs. Pancakes said... Reply To This Comment

oh wow..i love how you celebrated with your family..soooo sweet!

Hollie Ann said... Reply To This Comment

just found your blog! it's adorable!! now following!

i love your hot mom outfit with the green skirt! it's adorable!

Leenie said... Reply To This Comment

Beautiful beautiful beautiful! I love your outfit. And your cute kids. And the super sweet book your super sweet husband spent so much time on. And your table decorations. And your YULE LOG! Holy Hannah. That looks so delish.

Bailey@Lost&Found said... Reply To This Comment

Your family is gorgeous! I love all your pictures!! Thanks for sharing :)


Anonymous said... Reply To This Comment

These pictures are just too cute! And I LOVE your tree and wrapping paper :)