Sunday, November 27, 2011

Mongolian Beef Recipe

Since everyone in life is planning their holiday smorgasbord, I thought I would share this festive little ditty.  No need to thank me... I know everyone is looking to replace that Christmas Ham for some beef this season; so LOOK NO FURTHER!  You have come to the right place.  Mongolian beef!  Festive indeed.  Has flank steak ever tasted so good?  I submit that it ha-... well, you know.

My sister-in-law brought this recipe to a combined FHE years ago and I've been a lover ever since.  It's so easy (what I look for in a recipe) yet so flavor filled and amazing.  Although... I'm not sure where my brain was this day I made it because I didn't make the rice to go along with it.  So we just had the meat plain paired with a delightful veggie medley (medley. haha.).  It was still amazing though!  Anyway without further adieu...
1/4 Cup soy sauce
1 Tbs hoisin sauce
1 Tbs sesame oil
2 tsp white sugar
1 T minced garlic
1 T red pepper flakes
1 lb beef flank steak, thinly sliced
1 T peanut oil (I just use veggie oil)
2 large green onions, thinly sliced

Whisk together soy sauce, hoisin sauce, sesame oil, sugar, garlic, and red pepper flakes in a bowl.  Toss beef with marinade, cover, and marinade for an hour to overnight.  Heat peanut (or veggie) oil in a wok or large, nonstick skillet over high heat.  Add the green onions, and cook for a few seconds before stirring in the beef.  Cook and stir until the beef is no longer pink and is brown, about 5 minutes.