Thursday, December 22, 2011

Merry Christmas from us to you.

Early this month we took some quick pictures for our family Christmas cards.  I just set up the tripod and used my remote, like always.  I only sent Christmas cards to family this year.  I usually do it that way since there is SO much family to get them off to.  You understand, right?  Here's what I sent out- Merry Christmas to you, too!
I thought I'd share some outtakes...

As I was setting up my camera I wanted a closer shot so we weren't microscopic on our cards- but I ended up zooming in too much and cut off Tony's hair.  I was too focused on getting my shoes in the shot!  haha.  Too bad you don't see them in the final one.  Eh.  I liked this angle a little better too.  Such pretty trees, right?  Kinda looks like we went to the woods, right?  Well since Tony gets home when sundown is 30 minutes away we actually just stopped off real quick by these pretty trees I spotted close to our house.  They are right by a Walgreens.  Haha!
 Afterwards I took some pictures of the boys.  But it was freezing so I only took a few semi-decent ones. Hyrum has since had his first haircut.  The mullet is no more.  
 And anyway most of them looked like this:
haha!  I love them.  It was 35 degrees out so we decided to get ice cream for dinner.  Seemed like the thing to do.  Well that, and we promised B if he cooperated he'd get a treat.  After that we needed real food and it was past the point where I am willing to make dinner so Tony went out and got a pizza from this place we've never tried that was right around the corner.  We ate that and watched Elf!  It was a great evening as a family.
Why do the holidays have to zoom by like this?  We've really enjoyed every minute though!

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Shalyn said... Reply To This Comment

Your family is so beautiful, Connie! I love all of the pictures, even the cute outtakes! Pizza, icecream and Elf sounds like the makings of an amazing night!

Erin said... Reply To This Comment

Love all of these pictures! What a sweet darling family! :) You look gorgeous girl!

PS I just got your bow form the giveaway and I have been rocking it! I love it!

Rebecca said... Reply To This Comment

Those shoes are awesome!

Amira said... Reply To This Comment

Those shoes are adorable! I would want them in the shot too! ;-)

Jazmyn Alexandria said... Reply To This Comment

You have such a beautiful! Mmm ice looks so delicious right now. I really do love that first photo though.

Love, Jazmyn

salena said... Reply To This Comment

love all these pics! and the shoes :)

Darcie Santoyo said... Reply To This Comment

sounds like fun :)
I wanted to have a movie night and watch Elf but forgot to change the address on our Netflix soo.. no idea where the movie is at by now..

Vivian said... Reply To This Comment

I would have loved to get one of those pretty Christmas cards. And can I say I'm in love with your outfit, too. Can't get enough of your red heels ;)

Courtney B said... Reply To This Comment

My favorite is the one with you and Tony kissing! Cutest family EVER! And seriously, how did H get so big? I started following your blog the day you posted his arrival :) (I totally remember because when I saw the picture I thought it was insanely too pretty to be taken right after birth and in a hospital :) It needs to one of those generic pictures they stick in frames when you buy them, haha.)
Merry Christmas to you and your family!

Ashley Eliza said... Reply To This Comment

love this!!! i love the snowflakes in the tree! your fam is so dang cute. okay that is TOO funny that you know Adam. He is my bro in law. small world. HILARIOUS. i'll have to ask him if he remembers the girl who dyed his hair..

hope you and your family have a wonderful christmas connie :)


christinerojas said... Reply To This Comment

lovely family, lovely photos <3

Leenie said... Reply To This Comment

I love the snow flake cutouts on the trees. You're so creative. Have a merry Christmas girl! Hopin you and your cute family receive lots of goodies this weekend!

Lauren said... Reply To This Comment

Love the card, love the shoes, love the outtakes. Merry Christmas!

Venassa said... Reply To This Comment

Beautiful photos, as always.

Jennifer said... Reply To This Comment

These are so sweet! Merry Christmas!

Hannah said... Reply To This Comment

your christmas card turned out beautiful! love the fun photoshop tapes! :) merry christmas!

Karm said... Reply To This Comment

Awe!! Those are amazing shots. Hehe Hyrum looks so cute. haha I like the out takes. Lovely photos Connie!!