Monday, December 19, 2011

glimpses of our weekend

Sorry about the two posts in one day.  I just have multiple drafts waiting to get out before Christmas.  Duty calls.  (not really)  So the weekend was great, here are some... glimpses of it.  You know the usual- Brody begging me for fresh squeezed O.J., shredded wheat drizzled with honey (the best), having all my boys home, attempting to watch Polar Express (for the 15th time) this time with the 3D disk... didn't work out so well since you need a dim room, hitting the town, & hanging out with Tony when the kids were in bed (nothing new.  I love it.)
Hyrum's outfit:  Jordan Kids. c/o Haddad Brands.
Brody's:  Nike.  Shirt:  Levi's. c/o Haddad Brands.
H even had his first haircut!  (Finally)  During bath time while his hair was getting in his eyes we decided it was time.  I love it- although I really miss his soft long hair too.  Not pictured:  Our great day at church, making chocolate chip & M&M cookies from a mason jar our friends gave us, a trip to Target, etc.