Thursday, December 15, 2011

December things

We've had lots of festive fun this month.  Here's my happy list of it all:
::Getting our tree the last day of November & the same day welcoming a new Elf on the Shelf in our home for the first year.  He has a name!  Bo Jingle.
::putting lights on the house bushes.
::decking the halls right after we got home from our Thanksgiving trip.  I love decorating for Christmas!  That'll get it's own post since I want to remember it.
::Taking the kids to see Arthur Christmas
::Hyrum meeting Santa for the first time.  Brody's number one thing on his list that he asked Santa for is a "Ben Ten Tech Blaster"
::The first snow of the season!  It didn't stick... but it looked gorgeous while it was falling!
::Building a gingerbread house with Brody to keep up the tradition.
::Baking tons of cookies and treats
::Watching TONS of Christmas movies and listening to my Christmas album over and over
::Getting spoiled with gifts from the ladies I visit teach.  So thoughtful!
::hot chocolate galore
::Going to "Lights under Louisville" the worlds largest underground light show!
::Tony and I watching Christmas movies in our room as we fall asleep.
::Finishing Christmas shopping earlier than ever!
::making tons of Christmas crafts for dirt cheap
::Eating Christmas cupcakes (including "Hot Chocolate Mama"... which is literally hot- has Cayenne in it!  Yum!)
::taking Christmas card pictures (which I'm still waiting to get back to mail!)
::family date nights
::giving a little talk at my church's women's Christmas activity about Christ.  I love Jesus Christ so much-I'm so grateful for His birth and His life!

Not pictured is how we've all been sick this entire month!  I caught something in Virginia.  Nasty cold for me.  Brody was the only one who managed to not get anything though!
I hope you are enjoying your Christmas season too!

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Carlie said... Reply To This Comment

How fun that you got an Elf on the Shelf! I found out about them a few weeks ago, and now I want one too! Seems like a cute tradition.

Erin said... Reply To This Comment

Your days scream Christmas! I love it!! :)

Amanda Maddox said... Reply To This Comment

Love the gingerbread houses! My kids get together with my mother-in-law every year to make theirs ~ it's a wonderful family tradition!

amy said... Reply To This Comment


Mrs. Ham said... Reply To This Comment

looks like so many good things on your december list!!! jealous it looks like you're gonna have a white christmas...hopefully!

OANA said... Reply To This Comment
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OANA said... Reply To This Comment

These pictures are so beautiful! Xo!

Amanda and Josh said... Reply To This Comment

Love your happy list! : )