Thursday, December 8, 2011

D.C. road trip Instagrams

Our D.C. vacation was probably the most eventful vacation I've been on in a while.  None of "what do you want to do?  I dunno what do you want to do?"  None of that.  It was go, go, go - fun, fun, fun- with the occasional afternoon nap.  Just see for yourself!  There were just too many pictures, I had to include a jump break.  If you follow me on Instagram you know I'm not clogging your feed as much as I hurl these on my blog, though.  I have a junk account I use especially to share with you lovlies.  No need to thank me.  These are pretty much in chronological order... the OCD in me can sleep easy tonight. ha.

So about {some of} that:
::On the drive & randomly throughout the trip I knitted myself a scarf that I got to wear at our last event before we came home.
::We went to our favorite chinese takeout- Ho's!  We go there every time we visit my parents.  When we were at the Zoo, Brody shouted really loud... "YEAH DADDY!  We SHOULD pick up some Ho's tonight!  Haha.  Oy vey.  We got what we call "statement cookies" since they don't really give you a fortune anymore... more advice than anything.  Ha.
::our Sunday there was:  church and a family walk; making the candy turkeys, playing wii, & eating the best crepes ever.
::we took the boys to Clemyjontri park.  Another must when we visit
::Brody went bowling for the first time- and we were using two lanes simultaneously.  It was awesome.
::in addition to Georgetown cupcakes, we had to go to Sprinkles.  Had to.
::my mom and I went on a date and saw Breaking Dawn and got sweets after.  I loved it.  I was always team Jacob and I found out so is my mom!  Haha.  Like mother li-...
::some more pictures to add to the bunch I already took when T and I toured the city.
::More Thanksgiving- my mom made me my request pie:  Cherry Crumb!  It was amazing.
::Tony and I got to attend the D.C. temple and it was wonderful.
::B and I helped my parents get their Christmas tree: Brody swooned the lady working there and got a free mug and two candy canes.
::Tony and I went on a date and saw Jack and Jill (loved it), ate wings at BWW, & strolled around.  They have bike vending machines in the middle of town!  (k, i know that's not the right word for it but whatev)
:: Michigan beat Ohio State!!!  Wahoo!
::Zoo lights

Since we've been home I saw Brody sitting with his head in his hands, pondering.  I asked him, "What are you doin, Brody?"  He says, "I'm just thinkin!"  What are you thinking about? "I'm thinkin I wanna go back to grandmas house!"  Yep, it was really fun!

Not pictured was when B, my mom, and I went to see the muppet movie (and while we were there I decided I can't wait until I see "The Vow") & the millions of walks to 7-11 for slurpees.  I could drink those in a blizzard.  AND what's up with the fact that everywhere I live there are no slurpees?  They didn't have them in Oklahoma and not here in Kentucky.  Good thing we are moving.. haha.  You knew that, right?  The move is coming up fast.  I'll miss it here, but I'm excited.  K, that's enough rambling from me for now.