Wednesday, November 30, 2011

A Virginia Thanksgiving

We were blessed to get to go to Virginia, where my parents live, to celebrate Thanksgiving.  It was such a special trip!  Our Thanksgiving was great- my mom is such an amazing cook!  We also threw some Ice Skating in, in between eating and watching football/the parade.  I LOVE going to that place this time of year.  It was Tony and my fourth time... I love going with him because it was the first place he ever ice skated and the first place we ever ice skated together.  Come to think of it I think it's the ONLY place we've ever ice skated at all since we've been married.  I'm glad I got to be his first ice skating partner (:

When we first got to Virginia I saw that my mom had made some candy turkeys.  She got the idea from the elementary school she works at.  What a fun thing to make with kids, right?!  Then she got the idea to make them our place settings so all three of us (oh, Brody too) made some more one night but changed them up a bit... then I got the idea to make name tags to go with them to put at our seat.  I really like how I wrote out the names.  If only I could make it a font, right? :p
They are m&m's, whoppers, reeses, cut up candy corn, oreos & glued together with frosting.  Entirely edible!  I didn't exactly feel like eating that thing but Brody liked it! ha.  The original idea was using candy corn for the feathers but we thought M&M's would taste a whole lot better.
B wouldn't go by himself.  Refused to exert any kind of energy.  So we broke our backs to push him.  Eh, he's worth it (:
When we made him ditch the bucket and try to skate normally he was... um...
We got two free hot chocolates since the lady made Brody's normal temp rather than "kid temperature".  Not bad.
Now bring on Christmas!