Monday, November 7, 2011

On a day like today wake up by eating Honey Nut Cherrios whilst wearing your husbands hoodie.  Mmmm... to alll of it. stare at the ceiling fan, hiding out under the covers while baby naps earlier than usual (like 9am), and before B screams for something... and wonder how it went from being death outside to perfect so fast.  So let's get out and enjoy it... now... okay..NOW.. check out Brody's mustache looking burn above his lip and feel sad he has it... but then sorta-kinda chuckle about how it happened.  (He was trying to "smell the cookies" ...on a hot pan.  Mom has learned to put the pan farther away from the edge.  Sorry B.  You're cute though.)

...You let B take pictures of you and baby H because he loves to take pictures with my camera... plus he asked nicely... and my arm isn't that long and he does a better job than me anyway.
On a day like today you spend way too much time thinking about your wardrobe for your family vacation in a couple weeks. hear your kids laugh and enjoy the wind coming in the car windows on the pretty 68 degree day. spend hours at target and say things like "Ooooo... 'ultimate cardigans' don't mind if I DO!"  And then make up for the time spent in the girl section and let B loose in the toy section. sing in those echo microphones with B in said toy section.  Love those things. go sledding in the aisle.  (Well, you pull him around)  That is until a worker notices.  They didn't sell those in Arizona! (Mesa anyway..wonder why) call your irish twin brother back and chat it up for 15 minutes till dinner arrives (see below).  Then you find out your baby fell asleep in his high chair munching on cherrios.  The cuteness!  It kills me. get texts like this from your husband: "You look tired babe, I'll pick up a pizza so you don't have to cook"  And then while I'm jacket shopping while the kids were in bed I get "Looking at more jackets?  Send pics:)"  I LOVE that he helped me pick one out... I'm soooo indecisive. wonder why you went to bed so late the night before and then shrug your shoulders and do it again.  Well hello blogging.
Okay maybe you don't; but I do.  On days like these, anyway. (:
(Want to play along?  Do a similar post and share it with me! Oh, and enter this giveaway my sister is having.)

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Carlie said... Reply To This Comment

I love wearing my hubbys clothes too! Sounds like a pretty great day!

shaka said... Reply To This Comment

this sounds very similar to my day so far! you are very inspirational! :)

Leenie said... Reply To This Comment

LOVED this post. And totally digging the burnt mustache. hahaha, I feel bad for him, but he's so cool.

Rebecca said... Reply To This Comment

Super cute post! I will try to do a similar one soon. If I do, I'll make sure to share with you!

Karm said... Reply To This Comment

muahaha. I love it.
Lavar has a few clothes here when he comes back on the weekends, which I sometimes (ok every night) wear to bed.
haha At least now B and go sledding right? I am so not a winter person Connie ): haha
So did you 2 pick a jacket?

Rolled Up Pretty said... Reply To This Comment

Oh my gosh, I LOVE this post! Super cute pictures and I am trying not to laugh that your little guy burned his baby lip trying to smell that cookies. So sad but so cute!

brooke field said... Reply To This Comment

Love your instas! And the photos in the post below are amazing.

Lyndsay said... Reply To This Comment

This is a great post, one of these days when I take the time to blog Im gonna do one too like you suggested! :)

{amy k.} said... Reply To This Comment

hubby's sweatshirts are THE best!!!!!

Venassa said... Reply To This Comment

That sounds like a wonderful day. You make your days always sound like so much fun. Jealous me.

Shalyn said... Reply To This Comment

YES for wearing hubbys sweatshirts! This is so cute. How sad that little guy burnt his NOSE though...super cute, yes...but sad!

Autumn said... Reply To This Comment

I just became afraid of being mother....being burnt on the pan like that! Stop making good smelling cookies!!

Jamie said... Reply To This Comment

He did a great job taking pictures!

Three's 4 Me said... Reply To This Comment

So sweet!!! I love this post :)

Darcie said... Reply To This Comment

too funny to be reading this right now because I have been planning a post so similar! I will share when it is done :)

Darcie said... Reply To This Comment

I've been thinking all day about a post that is similar! I love it :)

Taylor and Robin said... Reply To This Comment

Thanks for stopping by my blog - glad the video made you laugh! Your pictures are gorgeous!!!!