Sunday, November 13, 2011

Little Brody Dreams | Fireman

Ever since Brody was just barely able to talk he's been a huuuuge fan of firemen/firetrucks.  Every time he sees one it's a huge deal.  LOOK MOM! A FIRETRUCK!  I love acting like it's the first one I've ever seen too- because he is super proud he pointed it out (yeah, I didn't notice it all huge, flashing lights, screaming down the road;).  In fact, he was circling the Target Christmas ads for what he wanted and he made clear that he wants a BIIIIG FIRETRUCK!  You should've seen him last year when we took him to tour the firestation, when we were living in Oklahoma.  Man oh man Brody is impressed by firefighters.  I know he dreams about being one.

He's also quick to respond when he hears about a fire.  When the oven is on and Hyrum crawls near it Brody FREAKS out!  (Once he started crying because he was sad that H was too close to the oven... it wasn't even on.  hehe)  He's really concerned with his baby brother's safety and not getting burned.  It's so sweet.  Another time he thought I said there was a fire and he RAN out of the bathroom (he was going pee at the time) and was going to be there to put it out.  Not like that.  haha.  He melts my heart...
...maybe someday.  For now, we'll just play pretend.