Monday, October 24, 2011

What I've been up to, cell phone style

::Two weekends ago Brody got to trick or treat for the first of many times this year at the Zoo.  It was a really cute thing for the kids- they loved it!  I made a liar out of myself again- Brody did wear the same costume as last year (but just for that event).  I'll blog about it sometime.
::We went to a Halloween play date at a friends house and we were supposed to bring a halloween food so I brought mummy dogs.  My friend Shirley had them at her halloween party last year, that's where I got the idea.
::Since our ward at church is having a party this week for Halloween we went to a pumpkin patch this weekend to get our pumpkins for it.  It was such a fun/cute farm- I'll have to blog about that too sometime.
::Now that the weather is cooler, I've been doing lots more photo shoots.  I couldn't ask for a prettier place to take them!  Kentucky is gorgeous.
::At that Halloween playdate I mentioned, costumes were optional.  I wasn't sure if anyone would be dressed up so to be safe I threw the boys capes on.  Didn't want to over do it in case no one else dressed up (and no one else did ;)  They look so stinking cute in them.
::Last night, like a fool, I ate a snowcone since I was craving sweet.  Then I was freezing and hot chocolate was in order.  Tony and I bought a coffee maker several years back just for this time of year- and just for hot chocolate.  I love that it's so cold here hot chocolate is good till the last drop. (in AZ I would always get too hot halfway through ;)
::A nice note in our mailbox from the missionaries.  
::Hyrum all bundled up for bed.  You should see him with the hood on and feet and hand covers on.  He looks like the kid on A Christmas Story!  haha!  Oh, and he's obsessed with remotes and cries when I take them.  So he gets that one that we never use.
::Musicians in the making.
:: the pretty sky on the way to Boo at the Zoo.
::That time we all got sick, but before I got sick, and Brody was the only sick one, Hyrum did this while I was tending to Brody.  Stinker!
::one of our favorite traditions once fall hits is going to Yankee Candle in the mall and picking out our fall scents.  mmm.
::H climbing in the toy/diaper basket
::Anyone else feel happy when they see vacuum lines in the carpet?  Or am I the only weirdo around here...
::Tried my first cake pop at Starbucks and also threw in a Red Velvet whoopie pie to try and I was DISGUSTED!  AHHH!  They were schnasty.  Hopefully cake pops don't always taste that bad.
::We tried our hand at the McDonald's monopoly game this year.  haha!  (Should I be spreading this around?)  Anyway don't worry, they ran out of stamps one day and gave Tony a huge bag full of them.  So we really didn't eat there more than a few times during the course of the game.  Which is more than we usually do all year...ish.  It paid off though, we won several free meal items and a $5 Wal-mart card.  lol
I've also been...
planning Hyrum's birthday party & figuring out my halloween costume.  It's funny, I spend the whole year with an idea in mind then Brody decides he wants to be something- then I want Hyrum to match him- then Tony wants to- then I'm the outcast.  So I usually end up being something completely different than what I planned on all year but o well.   If not that, I just decide last minute I'd rather be something else (like last year).  We'll see how this year pans out- it's not exactly set in stone as of now what I'm going to be and all that jazz.

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Newlymeds said... Reply To This Comment

Connie thanks for visiting my blog! Your is beautiful! Can't wait to catch up on yours! xo

Vanessa said... Reply To This Comment

You hated the cake pop?!?! Sadness, I LOVE those things. The gooey-ness of the cake wins me over every time.

Monique said... Reply To This Comment

I've never had a cake pop before, but Starbucks has fooled me several times. Their treats tend to underwhelm. I'm sure your costume is going to be adorable.

Taylor {and} Scott said... Reply To This Comment

Oh my OCD loves your vacuum lines! I think it is so satisfying to see those! It just makes your house seem more clean! My husband and I succumbed to the Monopoly craze as well. We were happy winning our breakfast sandwiches. Haha. And your boys are stinkin adorable. Seriously how cute are they!!

Mars said... Reply To This Comment

Lots of fun stuff going on over there! H is so cute. Both your boys are adorable. I'm craving fall. It's still hot here :( What Yankee Candle scents did you guys decide on??

Elizabeth and Kyle @ Love Is the Adventure said... Reply To This Comment

Vacuum lines are a sign of productivity! I looooove to vacuum - it makes me feel accomplished.

Halloween is a fun holiday but I think it's probably the most fun when you have kids! :) I love seeing all the adorable pint-sized costumes...

Karm said... Reply To This Comment

Hey those mummy dogs do look cute. I wish i had time to make them now *le sigh* Awe Brody and his Buzz costume is still cute. I can't wait to see all your costumes. I have always wanted to make cake pops, but I might just ruin them. I hate to smash up a beautiful cake to form the balls haha

Kandice said... Reply To This Comment

okay, the mummy dogs are awesome. but i absolutely loooove the mustard and ketchup spider web :)

mandyface said... Reply To This Comment

Oh my goodness your pics are so cute! Those hotdog mummies are awesome.

Elisabeth said... Reply To This Comment

your boys are ADORABLE! and you're right, Kentucky is gorgeous...two of my roommates last year are from KY (bardstown and louisville i think) and so when driving xc we had to stop and visit...the rolling greens and crisp white fences, loved it!

thanks for you comment on my blog - it was great to find yours...i'll definitely be back here soon :)

Vivian said... Reply To This Comment

I am SO happy you stopped by today so that I could "know" you! I just spent like who knows how long in your blog and don't want to it! You are so pretty and very talented with your photography. Cute family of yours. I am SO following :)
P.s Got the mummy dogs idea from Pinterest this year, we made them last week for a Halloween party and they were a HIT. It's almost Tuesday and I'm trying (barely) to find someone to sew my baby's costume. It was ME all along who kept changing my mind and now I'm in trouble...

Randi Gardner said... Reply To This Comment

cute post!

Randi Gardner said... Reply To This Comment

cute post!

Anonymous said... Reply To This Comment

So you save random remotes too?! Why do we do that?.. lol. Love the mummy dogs!

Mr. Taylor and his Lady said... Reply To This Comment

those hotdogs are just so perfect. and all of these images are so beautiful!!! and yay for more photoshoots!
xo TJ

{amy k.} said... Reply To This Comment

saw your comment on 'mr. taylor and his lady' about how she looks like brooke white and i just had to agree!

i've been craving hot chocolate and now, after seeing that picture, want it again... badly!

your blog is adorable!

Meri said... Reply To This Comment

those little mummy snacks are so cute! Yours are the best I've seen so far of similar things :)

kristen. said... Reply To This Comment

looks like a busy week! thanks so much for your lovely words on my blog.

Leenie said... Reply To This Comment

Nope. I get insanely happy with vaccuum lines, too.

Connie said... Reply To This Comment

Mars the scents we got were autumn wreath, kitchen spice, pumpkin pie, cinnamon stick, and an apple-y one but I trashed the wrapper too long ago to remember. I'm about to use pumpkin pie! mmm!

Lacey said... Reply To This Comment

I love the mummies!