Monday, October 10, 2011


i have nothing monumental to say, just picking a giveaway winner, really.  Thank you all lovely ladies for entering the giveaway!  It's always so fun emailing the winner... but it's always so not-fun when many more ladies don't win.  The good news.. there may be more, perhaps.  Winner announced here.
So as I was regaining energy for life again I decided to get back on the scarf I promised Brody I'd make for him.  I finished it!  And now I'm making a baby one for H.  I love my "I taught myself knitting" book I bought back in 2004.  I've only made scarves since then (and had to re-teach myself how to cast-on, etc.)  But one of these days I'll move on to something more extreme.  Adult onesies, anyone?  What, it gets cold here.  
(Here's to starting to feel miles better.  Or better yet, "here's to feeling good all the time!" -Cosmo Kramer hahaha.)