Tuesday, October 18, 2011

we ♥ fall

A week ago today Brody got to play in his first ever leaf pile; Hy too for that matter.  (This was before I hacked off his hair- my worst hair job yet.  Yes, worse than the time I gave my little brother monk bangs.  Brody even told me "I want my long hair again!" lol. Sorry kiddo.)  Anyway, I think it was his first leaf pile... we never got to do this in AZ anyway.  (The palm trees in our yard weren't really conducive for this kind of entertainment.)  He was loving it!  I was loving the upper body workout raking them, watching the boys enjoy it, and the pizza Tony brought home in the middle of our fun.
By the way, thanks for your enthusiasm for my new idea- what this mom does.  Jess had a great idea to share with me!  I'll definitely be trying it (since Brody for some reason has a hard time with his primary colors; only primary colors- weird, huh?).  I can't wait to see other ideas of stuff you do with your kids (: Don't forget to enjoy those fallen leaves!